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What's going on – News Roundup

Tuesday Night News Roundup

The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates. The Fed will now lend selected customers money at 0.25% interest. Interest rates have never been so low. This puts the Federal Reserve in somewhat of a bind. They can only drop the interest rate just a little bit lower and then we are at zero… then what?

Democratic Underground has a very amusing post where you too can throw a shoe at George W. Bush!

Barack Obama has chosen Thomas Vilsack, former Iowa Governor, as Secretary of Agriculture. As you recall, Governor Vilsack ran for president but dropped out extremely early on because of a lack of funds. I was impressed with him for the short time that he was aroung and it looks as if he could be an excellent leader.

John Walsh, from America’s Most Wanted, became America’s most vocal advocate for victims of violence after his six-year-old son was killed. The boy disappeared in July of 1981. Today, Hollywood police (Florida) closed the outstanding case of Adam Walsh.  Ottis Toole made a deathbed confession 12 years ago. Details of the gruesome murder can be found here.

Jack Abramoff continues to be a sinkhole. Everyone around him is being sucked into prison. Ex-trial leader Glenn Marshall pleaded guilty to five counts, including making illegal campaign contributions. Glenn Marshall used to be the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe of Massachusetts… until he admitted to some very serious crimes he’d committed. Marshall had ties to Abramoff, of course. I think it’s likely that more people will be pulled into the sinkhole. Abramoff is often forgotten, but he is the face of Republican corruption.

The Minnesota Supreme Court is preparing to hear Senator Norm Coleman’s arguments as to why the recount should be stopped. I think the answer is obvious. It appears that Al Franken may win.

OPEC will soon announce that they’re going to cut production. This is the largest single cut in production that OPEC has ever suggested. That’s a stunning 2.5% of total global production, about two million barrels per day. This is not good news for the United States. Cheap oil and gas will decrease the momentum to search for alternative fuels, with an increase in oil prices keeping up the pressure. The sooner we are weaned off of Middle East oil, the sooner we become a secure country with a secure energy source.

The guys at News One have collected the top 10 Barack Obama Haters (with video). You just know that Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have to make the list!!

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What's Going On — News Round Up

this is the late-night weekend edition

  • In spite of the criticism and outright bashing that comes from bloggers and politicians about the mainstream media, in general, and the New York Times, in specific, there are a few things in the New York Times (and papers like it) do better than anyone else. Scott Shane has a fabulous article on Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind 9/11. The article takes us inside the interrogation. He shows us the good and the bad inside the CIA. This is a must read article!
  • Did you miss this article? 1200 prisoners escaped from a prison in Afghanistan. 350 of them were Taliban fighters. What is this a Hollywood movie?  Oh yeah, we have Afghanistan under control.
  • Oil producing and Oil consuming counties are meeting in Saudi Arabia. With $140 per barrel oil, it seems that the oil-producing countries are somewhat worried about oil prices. I guarantee they do not have our best interests at heart.
  • The banking industry has yet another reason to worry. It appears that Americans are cash-strapped. Therefore late payments are at an all-time high for car loans, small business loans, construction loans — everything.
  • Barack Obama and John McCain see the government’s role in flood protection a little differently. The levee system is a mess and only the government can coordinate and fix them. Regional and not local plans are needed.
  • I’m sorry. I paid too little attention to Zimbabwe. The situation in this African country has been deteriorating for a while. National election results have been ignored. Robert Mugabe is enacting an all too familiar story. The one-time liberator has now become the oppressor. Government assassins are roaming the countryside gunning down opposition leaders.
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