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A Few Good Things from Yesterday’s Votes

  • Ohio voters rejected issue 2. This overturns a law passed by the Republican legislature which took away collective bargaining.
  • Mississippi is arguably the most conservative state in the union. They rejected a law that was going to make a zygote a person. If you can’t pass a law like this in Mississippi, this issue may be dead for another generation.
  • Russell Pearce, the architect of Arizona’s immigration law, was voted out of office in a recall election.
  • Locally, Buncombe County voted to support  AB Tech, barely.
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Buyer’s Remorse?

In 2010, many Tea Party candidates were swept into office. Their mandate was simple – reduce the size and influence of government. Many of those candidates decided to oppose or attack unions. We’ve seen this fight play out in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, as well as other states. The fight has been a little bit different in each state, but basically the Tea Party Republicans have all worked to undermine unions in some way. On Tuesday, Ohioans are set to vote on a referendum that would reverse an Ohio state law that ending the right of unions (police, firefighters and teachers unions) to collectively bargain with the government. According to a recent poll, almost 60% of Ohioans are supportive of unions’ right to collective bargaining. We have to remember that polling does not equal voting. We also need to remember that just because Ohio voters have rejected this one issue does not necessarily mean that Ohio voters have rejected the Tea Party agenda. The big question in my mind is now what?

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What's going on – News RoundUp

Sunday Evening News Roundup

* I think I’m back blogging now. I came home yesterday late in the afternoon for a short nap and ended up sleeping 15 hours! I guess I was tired.

* So where’s The Closer? Where is President Bush, the great campaigner?

* Some Ohio voters are still unsure of Barack Obama. It is very interesting how people make up their minds about public figures. It is an extremely emotional process, not the thoughtful, logical process that we would have hoped for.

* It has become extremely painful to watch Sarah Palin in a “real” interview. For the third straight time, she has blown an opportunity to define the role of the vice president. The real question that I have is will anybody remember Sarah Palin in three months? Will she become a Jeopardy! question that nobody gets right?

* Although Iceland may have the worst economic problems of any “modernized” nation in the world, it appears that Britain’s actions have worsened the economic woes of Iceland. The problem seems to be tied to a 2001 anti-terrorism law which has Iceland branded as a state sponsor of terrorismSeriously.

* Getting out the vote for Barack Obama in the heart of the Republican territory must be a challenge. EmptyWheel is up to the challenge.

Campaign Round-Up By Political Animal:

* A right-wing outfit in Virginia has begun doing robocalls on the residency status of Obama’s half-aunt.

* Another right-wing outfit, this one called the Pennsylvania Republican Party, is now running Jeremiah Wright television ads.

* The last CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll of the campaign shows Obama leading McCain nationally by seven (53% to 46%).

* In Florida, Mason-Dixon shows Obama leading McCain by two (49% to 47%).

* In Pennsylvania, Rasmussen shows Obama leading McCain by four (51% to 47%), SurveyUSA has Obama up by seven (51% to 44%), Muhlenberg has Obama up by seven (52% to 45%), and Mason-Dixon has Obama up by four (47% to 43%).

* In Ohio, a Columbus Dispatch poll shows Obama leading McCain by six (52% to 46%), while Masox-Dixon shows McCain up by two (47% to 45%).

* In Colorado, Mason-Dixon shows Obama leading McCain by five (49% to 44%).

* In Virginia, Mason-Dixon shows Obama leading McCain by three (47% to 44%).

* In Nevada, Mason-Dixon shows Obama leading McCain by four (47% to 43%).

* In North Carolina, Mason-Dixon shows McCain leading Obama by three (49% to 46%).

* In Missouri, Mason-Dixon shows McCain leading Obama by one (47% to 46%).

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