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Ohio Players – Skin Tight

I posted this about two years ago. Leroy ‘Sugarfoot’ Bonner died over the weekend. Let me just say that I loved the Ohio Players in the mid-1970s.

Artist: Ohio Players
Tune: Skin Tight

There were a couple of funk groups in the late ’70s that were infectious. Everyone was able to shake their booties to these groups. One of these groups was the Ohio Players. The Ohio Players had a bass groove that was almost¬†unparalleled. They had a tight horn section that had a slight echo of the Memphis sound. Finally, they had Sugar on the voices. His voice was just unique. His ad libs couldn’t be found anywhere else. BTW, over the last two years, You Tube has really filled out its R&B from the late ’70s. This was a great time for music. Enjoy!!!

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Ohio Players

There were only a few groups in the mid-’70s that had crossover appeal like the Ohio Players. They helped open the door for an explosion of soul and R&B on the Top 40 charts that we saw in the ’80s. The Ohio Players were one of those groups. The combination of a funky groove plus a tight horn section was infectious. Oh, sexy album covers didn’t hurt either.

Artist: Ohio Players
Tune: Fire

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