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Private Sector Job Growth

Let’s just take some time and look at private sector jobs under Obama. From Calculated Risk Blog: Term Private Sector Jobs Added (000s) Carter 9,041 Reagan 1 5,360 Reagan 2 9,357 GHW Bush 1,510 Clinton 1 10,885 Clinton 2 10,070 GW Bush 1 -844 GW Bush 2 381 Obama 1 2,018 Obama 2 6,3221 128 months into 2nd term: 10,838 pace.   The first graph shows the change in private sector payroll jobs from when each president took office until the end of their term(s). President George H.W. Bush only served one term, and President Obama is in the third year

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Inside voice – Outside voice

We all have thought bubbles. As were talking to people while interacting with them there are things that run through our minds that, thankfully, we filter. For some of us, that filter simply doesn’t work that well. Some things should never be said out loud. The fact that conservatives continue to wonder about shooting our president… It just makes me sick. Never during the eight-year debacle of George W. Bush did I ever wish for anybody to shoot him. Yes, I wanted him out of office. I wanted him voted out of office. There’s a big difference. From TPM: In an

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The Errington Thompson Show 1-17-09

I start off the show with a high five for pilot Chesley Sullenberger and his crew. Bush has a press conference and an 13-minute primetime self-congratulatory chat with the American public (barf bag please). Bradley Schlozman (what a great name), former head of the Civil Rights office, has been found to have violated civil rights law. With luck, Eric Holder will follow up on this. We tortured Mohammed al-Qahtani. Susan Crawford gave an interview to WaPo (story written by Bob Woodward, so it must be true 🙂 ), basically saying that she wouldn’t prosecute because he was tortured. This is a problem. In the Dare

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