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Cowboys win – really?

DanBaileyI had so little confidence in the Dallas Cowboys that I didn’t even watch the game until late Sunday night. I’m still shocked that the Cowboys beat the Titans.

A couple of observations –

  • DeMarco Murray simply can’t fumble.  He is quick and fast. He has great moves. He hits the hole hard. He should be benched if he fumbles again next week.
  • The Cowboys offensive line is supposed to be really, really good. They allowed tons of defensive pressure on Tony Romo.  They have to play better.  Three sacks in the first quarter is bad.
  • We saw the bad Tony Romo last week. We saw the careful Tony Romo this week. We are still waiting for the good Tony to show up.
  • The defensive line of the Dallas Cowboys is bad, but not awful. I’m not sure why no one could cover Delaine Walker (10-142 yds and 1 td).  The Cowboys were completely unable to generate a pass rush.
  • Jake Locker has a cannon for an arm.
  • I still don’t understand why we didn’t re-sign DeMarcus Ware.
  • The Cowboys’ best offensive player may be Dan Bailey, the kicker.
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Craig tries media offensive

Senator Larry Craig is now trying the last act of a disparate man. He is trying to be seen with wife in front of the camera. I’m not sure if this helps or hurts his case. There really isn’t any excuse. If you thought that you were framed then hire a lawyer. I panicked is his excuse. Please. What a load of horse feathers. The best part of the interview is that he is trying to blame the media. It is their fault. It isn’t his fault for bumping boots with a police officer. It isn’t his fault for not telling his wife, his staff or his lawyer about it. It wasn’t his fault for pleading guilty. It was the media’s fault for covering the story. I would like a Kilo of whatever he is smoking for next weekend!

Update:  Lauer’s interview style was terrible.   There were no probing (pun intended) questions.  It was a waste of time.

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