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NFL: week 3 predictions and comments

Tennessee Titans versus New York Giants — This will be hard-nosed, smash mouth football. Neither team has really gotten their offense cranked up. Both defenses have a very aggressive front seven. Momentum and turnovers will be the key to this game. The game is being played in the new Giants Stadium, which I think will give the Giants a slight advantage. Last week I was looking for Vince Young to really have a breakout game. It didn’t happen. Both teams need to get their running game going. In spite of the fact that the Giants are playing at home, I give

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Cowboys and Redskins fight to see who’s worse

I’ll talk more about the Dallas Cowboys and their lack of offensive production later on this afternoon. Right now, I would say that the Washington Redskins have an excuse: new offensive system, new coach, new quarterback. The Dallas Cowboys have no such excuse. The stupidity of the last play of the first half cannot be explained. Anybody who’s played Madden NFL knows what to do with four seconds left in the half from your own end of the field. There is no excuse. Wade Phillips should be fired immediately.

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