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Discrimination at UCLA

I have been sent a link to this video on a number of occasions over the past couple months. It is my opinion that many Americans believe with all their hearts that we live in some sort of post-racial America. Nothing can be further from the truth. Please check out this video.

I believe stuff like this happens all the time. Then, when the “powers that be” are confronted, it is simply easier to pretend that racism doesn’t exist and that the intent of these racist actions simply isn’t real.

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The last debate?

So, after 992 debates, what have we learned? Rick Perry isn’t a debater and probably isn’t that smart. Hell, in Texas, that has been rumored for years. I have met Rick Perry and was not impressed. We didn’t have to have a debate to prove that. I think that what we’ve proven is that debates cannot be won, but instead they can be lost. Mitt Romney was the front runner before the debates and he is the presumptive front-runner after the debates. I don’t think that he had a particularly good performance in any of the debates. Newt Gingrich had some really good performances and that may have boosted his chances, but then he had a disastrous performance in Florida and that tanked his campaign. He performed relatively well tonight using an old playbook in which he attacked the media for asking a valid question. Herman Cain didn’t really perform that well in any of the debates and he is on the outside looking in. There was Tim Pawlenty, who seemed to be always be in the background. There was Michele Bachmann, who tripped over herself and her staff on every occasion.

Tonight, Rick Santorum had to hit it out of the park. He didn’t. As a matter fact, he dropped the ball on a number of occasions. There comes a time in a presidential race when you are in position to win. You have to strike when you’re in position. Rick Santorum had a genuine opportunity to make a very big move towards the Republican nomination. He knew that Mitt Romney would come out and attack him. He needed to be ready. He wasn’t ready. He had not one thoughtful answer to the Arlen Specter attack. There are lots of great things he could’ve said. He could’ve stood up for Arlen Specter as a great Republican. He could’ve stood up for Arlen Specter as a great American who has served his country well, both as a Senator and also on the Warren Commission. He could’ve gone on the offensive and mentioned that Arlen Specter in 2004 was pro-life, just as Mitt Romney, in 2004, was pro-life, but he didn’t. In a couple months, when Mitt Romney is accepting the Republican nomination, Rick Santorum can look back to this night and blame himself. He clawed, scratched and fought his way this far only to lose it with an absolutely abysmal performance tonight. The performance was bad. It wasn’t Rick Perry bad, but it was bad nonetheless.

The debate in less than 100 seconds –

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First, Put out the Fire (Updated)

I have talked about this before but it seems that only a few of us were paying attention. Let’s look at our economy like a house. During the George W. Bush years, our “house” looks like a 20-30-year-old house that has some problems. It basically looks good, but is showing some signs of age. It needs some upgrades. It needs a coat of paint and some other modifications to make the house run more efficiently and protect us from inclement weather. George W. Bush did nothing to repair the problems of our “house.” He was warned on several occasions about faulty wiring (the housing market). The house catches on fire.

Barack Obama takes over an economy that’s on fire… literally on fire. The whole thing is about to burn down and he wants to put out the fire. He’s given an allocation of water (stimulus plan) which he states is insufficient to put out the fire. Republicans stand back and smile. They tell the president and anyone else who states the water allocation is inadequate that the economy has been given a huge amount of water. That water should be sufficient to put out any fire. Does this make any sense to you?

Barack Obama and the Democrats did the best they can with the supplies that they were given. The amount of water given to put out the fire was indeed inadequate. The fire is clearly better but it still smolders. Now, before the fire is completely under control the Republicans are stating that we need to fix the faulty wiring (get the budget deficit under control). I don’t think that anybody doubts the fact that we do need to get our fiscal spending under control. The question is should we do it now or after we put out the fire?

Check out this 60 Minutes take on how the middle class isn’t making it:

We have to get the economy going. We have to develop new industry which will hire millions of Americans not over a five to ten year period but now! Arguing over the debt ceiling is stupid… Playing with the debt ceiling is also stupid… Millions of Americans need help now. They need good paying jobs, now. We can do this by simply doing two things – rebuilding infrastructure and pouring billions of dollars into green energy.

EPI puts it this way:

Economic policy must be focused on creating jobs and strengthening the economy, not counterproductively cutting spending or reducing the deficit.

If political circumstances require that additional economic support must come through the tax code, a payroll tax cut would help turn the dial on unemployment in the right direction, albeit insufficiently. Even better would be reinstating the targeted, refundable Making Work Pay tax credit, which was replaced by the flat payroll tax cut. Targeting assistance to families likely to quickly spend an extra dollar would be more cost effective, but either policy would raise disposable incomes and increase demand for goods and services.

But political viability should not be confused with economic effectiveness.

Direct spending generates more economic activity per dollar than tax cuts, because tax cuts can be saved or used to pay down debts instead of increasing current consumption. A dollar of infrastructure spending packs about four times the economic punch of a dollar of income tax cuts. With long-term interest rates at historically low levels, financing overdue infrastructure investments would more effectively increase employment and spur long-term growth.

Finally, let me say this to those who believe that if our government continues to spend money (stimulate the economy) that this would lead to uncontrollable inflation – horse hockey. Inflation is a reflection of supply and demand. If there’s too much demand and not enough supply, inflation is allowed to increase because business will raise their prices for items that are having trouble staying on the shelves. This is not happening, anywhere. Let’s get the unemployment level under 5% and then we can worry about inflation.

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