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NFL: week 11

cleveland and cincy

One thing you can say about the NFL is that… Okay, you really can’t say one thing about the NFL.

So one of the best matchups last week was supposed to be the Cleveland Browns versus the Cincinnati Bengals. Like many of these “great matchups” it didn’t turn out the way the experts had planned. The Cincinnati Bengals have been known for a solid running game and an outstanding, somewhat suffocating defense. They didn’t bring either. The Cleveland Browns really dominated this game on both sides of the ball. This game wasn’t close.

After two straight weeks of Ben Roethlisberger being near perfect, he crashed to earth with an abysmal performance against the New York Jets. Could this be the rebirth of Michael Vick?

If there’s a team that I really feel sorry for it is probably the St. Louis Rams. They are playing hard. Yet it seems that the ball just doesn’t bounce their way. The Arizona Cardinals were on the ropes. Yet, somehow the St. Louis Rams were unable to close a deal.

Probably the most exciting game of the week came from the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints. New Orleans was down early but fought their way back. The game was tied at 24 and then overtime. Unfortunately, Drew Brees was trying to make a play and held the ball too long. He got hit from behind and the ball was recovered deep in New Orleans territory. A very weird field goal went through the uprights, giving the San Francisco 49ers their much-needed win.

If you really want to know about Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, look at their game against the hapless Oakland Raiders. Peyton Manning threw two interceptions in the first 10 minutes of the game. Things were looking bleak. Could it be that the Denver Broncos would lose two games in a row? No, not really. 17 points in the 2nd quarter and another 21 points in the 3rd quarter buried the Oakland Raiders. It was really impressive.

5 worst teams in the NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders.

The 5 best teams in the NFL: New England Patriots, St. Louis Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys

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Week 6 in the NFL – Who’s Hot and Who’s Not?

We are just over a quarter of the way into the NFL season, so I thought I would briefly chat about the NFL.

Who’s hot?
In my opinion, the Houston Texans are probably the best team in football. They have a fantastic offense run by Matt Schaub, who is playing really solid football. They have a fantastic running attack in Arian Foster. Andre Johnson may be the best receiver in the NFL. Their defense is incredibly solid. Although they’ve recently lost Brian Cushing, Bradie James will be an adequate backup.

The Atlanta Falcons and the San Francisco 49ers are probably vying for that second spot. They’re both very solid on offense and on defense. The Atlanta Falcons seem to have a more explosive offense. The San Francisco 49ers have a much more suffocating defense. The only reason I can’t give a nod to the 49ers above the Atlanta Falcons is their inexplicable loss to the Minnesota Vikings. That was a head scratcher. Of course, they made up for the loss by destroying the New York Jets and absolutely spanked the Buffalo Bills.

I would like to give honorable mentions to the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Tom Brady is having another tremendous season. The Patriot defense seems to be much improved over last year’s debacle. The New York Giants, who looked absolutely awful against the Dallas Cowboys in week one, have managed to put together a pretty solid season up until now. Eli Manning may be playing his best football. The thing that is going to hold the New York Giants back is their defense. Specifically, their secondary. (more…)

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Sunday Evening News Roundup

Sunday Evening News Roundup

The United States went into Sunday’s Ryder Cup with a 10 – 6 lead. We were told by pundits that the Ryder Cup was over. No team had ever come back from more than a four-point deficit on the final day. I picked up golf about two years ago. The one thing that I can tell you about the European team is that they played solid golf. They don’t make spectacular Bubba Watson shots, but they hit the fairway. Basically, Hall of Fame golfer Johnny Miller described it best as, “…the colossal collapse in Chicago.” Luke Donald, Paul Lawrie and Francisco Molinari all won their matches. Rory McIlroy, the number one ranked player in the world, who had been a non-factor thru Sunday, got it going on Sunday against Keegan Bradley. Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker were complete non-factors. The European team really played well. Congratulations to the European Ryder Cup team.

The folks on Capitol Hill are turning up the heat on the Obama administration over the debacle in Benghazi. The cranky curmudgeon Sen. John McCain was attacking the administration over their explanation and response. The Obama administration needs to get their act together – now.

NFL update – The New Orleans Saints are in deep trouble. Their defense is awful. There have been a grumblings about whether Peyton Manning has the same arm strength as he used to have. The Denver Broncos absolutely destroyed the Oakland Raiders as Peyton threw for 338 yds and three touchdowns. I don’t know what to think about the Seattle Seahawks. They looked so good and then laid an egg against the St. Louis Rams today. Arizona Cardinals are 4-0. Yet, they are the Arizona Cardinals. The Houston Texans are probably the best team in the NFL right now. Their defense is ferocious. Their offense can beat you by running the ball, throwing it short or by throwing it long. I’m not quite ready to buy into the Atlanta Falcons. They have looked good before only to collapse towards the end of the season. The Buffalo Bills had control of the game with the New England Patriots today. Unfortunately, they had to play the second half. They gave up a ridiculous 45 points in the second half. Ryan Fitzpatrick has to do a better job of taking care of the ball. Four interceptions?!?!? What happened to the Detroit Lions? Matthew Stafford just doesn’t look that good. The Lions can’t run the ball.

David Gregory misquotes the president.

Mitt Romney’s camp has put out two different messages with regards the debates. First, they’re trying to lower expectations. On the other hand, they are promising an outstanding performance by Mitt Romney. Basically, Mitt Romney is going to swing for the fences. He has to show the American people that he really understands the issues. He has to convince the American people that he has ideas which are different than President Bush’s. He has to show the American people that the tried and true knee-jerk Republican response to any domestic problem, tax cuts, can work differently than they did under the Bush administration. On the other hand, I really believe that Mitt Romney has to prove that he can be likable. Currently, I don’t think that most Americans think that he is a “likable” person.

Finally, you gotta love Paul Ryan. Today he told Chris Wallace that it would just take too long to explain the Ryan tax plan. Remember, he’s supposed to be the serious wonky guy.

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