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O'Neal booted all the way to the bank

I wish that I could screw up and get fired. (here’s the best part) As, I collect my things and clean out my office, I put my “I just go booted package” for $161 million.Yep, that’s the severance package that Merrill Lynch’s CEO Stan O’Neal will get. How could su-prime mortgages ever looked like a great investment. Somebody help me? Outside of a get rich quick scheme, how could loaning money to people who can’t afford the house be a good thing?



Merrill Lynch’s departing chief executive, Stan O’Neal, will walk away with $161.5 million in stock, options and retirement benefits, the company said Tuesday.

O’Neal, the second-highest paid Wall Street CEO in 2006, retired from Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. on Tuesday, almost a week after the investment bank reported its largest-ever quarterly loss. The $2.24 billion loss was precipitated by a $7.9 billion third-quarter writedown, as the company revalued assets backed by shaky mortgages. O’Neal’s ouster was expected after the loss. (more…)

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O'Reilly loses argument to 16 yo

I thought that Bill O’Reilly was really a disingenuous (lying) partition talking head.  He bullies guests and staff.  He has an ego the size of Kansas.  It appears that he has lost an argument to a 16 yo high school student.  The student was nervous but prepared.

On a good note, it is very nice to see a thoughtful 16 yo.  This guy has been brought up to think and to think critically about issues.  Good for him and his parents!!!

C&L has more here.

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