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Worst person in the world – O'Reilly

Just on general principle we should vote for Bill O’Reilly as honorary Worst Person in the World. He goes out of way to earn this title day after day. He was so good that he earns the top 2 spots on this one.

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O'Neal booted all the way to the bank

I wish that I could screw up and get fired. (here’s the best part) As, I collect my things and clean out my office, I put my “I just go booted package” for $161 million.Yep, that’s the severance package that Merrill Lynch’s CEO Stan O’Neal will get. How could su-prime mortgages ever looked like a great investment. Somebody help me? Outside of a get rich quick scheme, how could loaning money to people who can’t afford the house be a good thing? ———- From MSNBC: Merrill Lynch’s departing chief executive, Stan O’Neal, will walk away with $161.5 million in stock, options

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O'Reilly loses argument to 16 yo

I thought that Bill O’Reilly was really a disingenuous (lying) partition talking head.  He bullies guests and staff.  He has an ego the size of Kansas.  It appears that he has lost an argument to a 16 yo high school student.  The student was nervous but prepared. On a good note, it is very nice to see a thoughtful 16 yo.  This guy has been brought up to think and to think critically about issues.  Good for him and his parents!!! C&L has more here.

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