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How to kill your own campaign… by Herman Cain (Update)

I think everyone knows that sexual harassment should be taken seriously. It is not the end of the world or for your campaign if you are accused of sexual harassment. But, if you are going to let a story drip out little by little, it will kill your campaign. If you tell multiple different stories, you are in big trouble. If you let five days go by without clearing the air, you are sunk. Welcome to the world of Herman Cain. This is what happens when you shoot from the hip and don’t run an organized campaign. This story could have been squashed two days ago. On Monday, Cain could have said nothing all day and met with his team. They could have formulated a message and then that night on Hannity or O’Reilly, he could have sat down and told everything that he knew. He could have told his story in his way. He could have answered every question until there weren’t any more. Then he would have been done. Now, it is too late for that. He and his campaign are in deep, deep nastiness.

Herman Cain has been looking, searching for someone to blame. Conservatives love to blame the media, but that hasn’t worked. As a matter of fact, Politico, who broke the story, asked the Cain campaign for a response days before the story broke. Recently, it has been Perry and Romney that Herman Cain is lashing out at. The problem with Herman Cain is Herman Cain. He has no one to blame for not controlling this story but himself and his campaign.

Another Great column by Charles Blow:

There’s no way for me to evaluate the veracity of the claims. The details remain murky. Anyone can accuse another of anything, innocuous actions can be perceived as predatory and there can be reasons other than guilt for settling a claim. That said, the fact that there are now three accusers and only one denier must be considered. It’s not just his word again hers. It’s his word against hers and hers and hers.

Furthermore, sexual harassment charges are different from other kinds of scandals. Workplace harassment by a superior is invariably about an abuse of power. So if you aspire to be the most powerful man in the world, the answers to the questions become quite relevant.

Cain’s answers to date simply haven’t satisfied. They’ve been as ham-handed as it gets. He’s flip-flopped like a fresh-caught-fish in the bottom of the boat. Even if he didn’t remember the allegations, surely he could have gotten and read through the settlements before submitting to interviews. Right? Right?!

Such a botched response would have spelled trouble for a candidate of another stripe and in another time. But this is Herman Cain: the unorthodox candidate with unprecedented ascendance in a Tea Party age.

Cain isn’t a regular candidate, and this isn’t a regular race. He is the anti-Obama, and that absolves him from his multiplying errors and inoculates him against his enemy’s poison arrows.

The fact that Cain obviously isn’t presidential timber holds little weight with those who view the current resident of the White House as, at best, unqualified and, at worst, illegitimate.

Cain is an “American black conservative — an A.B.C.” who rejects prevailing wisdom among blacks about the racial state of play in America. He is a walking rebuff to the 400-year-old racism issue that continues to dog and drain this country. He lifts the burden of guilt from whites on the right and places it on the shoulders of blacks on the left — the ones still on “the Democrat plantation” and not willing or able to think for themselves. He is a fascinating sociological phenomenon but also an affront to some basic facts about the existence and impact of our racial reality.

Furthermore, he fits two prerequisites of the new right: he’s anti-intellectual and anti-establishment. He’s “real.” He’s a real guy with real passion who has had a real job but has no real understanding of government. Tea Party perfection.

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What passes for debate in this country

Really? Or has he infiltrated the clubhouses so much that he is everywhere? I know several conservatives that “never listen,” but they all know the things that he has said.

I have been blogging for over five years. I have thousands of posts. I would be surprised if you could find more than 10 posts on Rush. Maybe I have another 10 on Beck. For awhile I would listen to O’Reilly’s talking points memo and comment on a weekly basis, but it got boring.

In order to get attention you need to act a fool in today’s world. So Beck will say that Obama doesn’t like White society, Dr. Laura will use the N-word over and over again and Rush will refer to Obama as a half-frican. Their ratings will spike as liberals go crazy that anyone would say anything so crazy. Then the cycle will repeat over and over again.

Liberals have shied away from this type of ratings grabber which is why Air America went down in flames – several times. It was boring. Olbermann uses his Worst Person in the World segment as a substitute for what the right does. It has worked pretty well. None of the other shows have anything that is close to Olbermann’s ability to grab attention.

We have lost the ability to debate in this country. Half of us have our minds made up before the debate starts. At first there is some data presented on both sides. There may even be a third or fourth side of the debate at the beginning. Then the name calling starts as it becomes clear that neither side will give an inch. The third or fourth sides of the debate are now dropped. Finally, there have to be a couple of references to our forefathers, the Constitution and patriotism. There is no resolution to the issue and we move on to the next topic.

This is the sad state of political debate in our country.

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Why long-term Senators shouldn't run for President

When you are a Senator you say a lot of stuff. You say a ton of stuff on the floor of the Senate. It is all recorded somewhere and can be retrieved. (Remember that Sarah Palin has just spent $150,000 for clothes)

Senator McCain (1993):

I want to emphasize I will be citing some examples of how campaign funds have been used which are extremely egregious, but I want to point out they are not illegal, and the purpose of this amendment is to restrict the use of those campaign funds because, if we are truly going to have campaign finance reform, I do not believe that campaign funds should be used for such things as country club dues, tuxedos, vacations, and other purposes for which they are now almost routinely used by certain Members of both bodies.

Oops. Keith Olbermann has more (see video below). (BTW, congratulations to Keith Olbermann for beating O’Reilly in the ratings, again.)

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