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Grab Bag – Friday

Really running late this morning. Sick patient on the way to the ER.

From Political Animal:

  • Japan: “Amid widening alarm in the United States and elsewhere about Japan’s nuclear crisis, military fire trucks began spraying cooling water on spent fuel rods at the country’s stricken nuclear power station late Thursday after earlier efforts to cool the rods failed, Japanese officials said. The United States’ top nuclear official followed up his bleak appraisal of the grave situation at the plant the day before with a caution that it would ‘take some time, possibly weeks,’ to resolve.”
  • President Obama offered an update this afternoon: “The White House sought Thursday to show it is on top of the Japanese nuclear crisis with a Rose Garden statement and a presidential-ordered review to ensure nothing like the Fukushima Daiichi disaster happens here at home.” He also urged an evacuation for Americans living within 50 miles of the facility.
  • Libya: “Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi warned Benghazi residents on Thursday that an attack was imminent, as the United Nations Security Council seemed headed for a vote Thursday on a resolution authorizing not just a no-flight zone but additional steps to halt the movement of Colonel Qaddafi’s forces.”
  • The Senate approved the House-passed budget extension this afternoon, with an 87-to-13 vote. It will soon receive the president’s signature, and impose a new, April 8 deadline. (Ed note: I’m not sure that we needed a new extension. We need our lawmakers to do what we hired them to do which is compromise and get something done.)
  • Getting better: “The number of people who filed applications for jobless benefits fell by 16,000 last week to 385,000, the Labor Department said Thursday.”
  • Of the funds lent to banks through TARP, 99% of the money has been paid back. At the time, it was widely assumed we’d never see that money again.
  • James O’Keefe thought he had another big scoop today. As it turns out, his “story” was not only dull, it was common knowledge months ago. (Ed note: I’m going to try to put together a post on this guy who the right continually listens to like he has earned someone’s trust.)
  • Those who thought applying to law school would be a great idea are starting to think otherwise.
  • In an interesting video, which you’ll probably be seeing again, Ronald Reagan proclaimed, “Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost!” It’s a reminder of how little Reagan-lovers have in common with Reagan, and if Democrats today said the same thing Reagan said 30 years ago, Tea Partiers would condemn the sentiments as radical liberalism.

What’s on your mind? What stories are you following?

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Grab Bag – Monday

Good morning. Here are a couple of things.

PJ Crowley, former State Department Spokesperson

  • With the chaos that is going on in Japan, a friend of mine sent me an e-mail about a power plant that we have on an active fault line. Diablo Canyon Power Plant is not far from not one, not two faultlines. It is designed to withstand a quake of 7.5 magnitude. It just gives me pause. I would prefer a nice wind farm.
  • It appears that a group of Republicans still believe that Yucca Mountain should be our national repository for nuclear waste.
  • A man who was swept out to sea, after the Japanese tsunami, has been found.
  • Another militia group has been disrupted, this time in Alaska. Their motives and tactics appear to be familiar.
  • Here’s part of the inside story of the NPR “sting” performed by serial liar James O’Keefe. There is a simple truth in life. If the situation seems to be too good to be true, 99 times out of 100, it’s too good to be true.
  • Mitch McConnell defends nuclear energy.
  • A good man, P.J. Crowley has stepped down from the State Department after “controversial” statements about the detention of Bradley Manning. If the reports are true, I don’t understand why Bradley Manning has to be detained in his underwear. If he is guilty, put him on trial. If he’s not guilty, release him. It’s that simple.
  • To repeat the obvious, we’re still not broke.
  • Why do we keep interviewing Michele Bachmann? She has been proven to be wrong time after time. She now claims the Tea Party has bipartisan support. If she says so.
  • Thoughtful Libyan update. Rebel forces seem to be retreating.
  • I love the protests in Wisconsin. I support them with all my heart. I will also support them with as much cash as I can.
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Grab Bag – Wednesday Night

It is sad when you are so old that it takes you several days to recover from a very busy day in the hospital. Anyway, I would like to throw a couple things to you on a Wednesday evening.

Microsoft vs Apple

  • The US government has ordered British Petroleum to use a less toxic disbursement. I was just wondering, when they use the disbursement where does the oil go? If we’re just spreading it around, how is that helpful?
  • Is Apple King of the hill? Is Microsoft yesterday’s news?
  • BP may be intentionally underestimating the amount of oil that’s being released into the Gulf in order to save the company millions of dollars.
  • Former Detroit mayor gets 18 months in jail for being a moron. I’m not sure how he figured he would be able to lie in court and get away with it.
  • James O’Keefe pleaded guilty to tampering with Senator Mary Landrieu’s phone. I’m not sure how he only got a $1500 fine and 100 hours of community service. That seems a little light to me. If I tried to tap a senator’s phone, I wonder how much I would be looking at. Just a fine for me. It would never happen.
  • As the president works to end the stupid policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, conservatives are pulling out all the stops. Conservative talker Bryan Fischer has stated that Hitler used gay soldiers. (Notice that anything that conservatives don’t like must be associated with Hitler.) The Family Research Council has stated that ending the discriminatory policy will mean more gay rape in the military. Their logic is crazy and convoluted.
  • New study suggests the best time to act on climate change and the energy bill is right now.
  • Glenn Beck is crazy.
  • The only reason that Texas was able to balance their budget was the stimulus package. Serendipity?
  • A black bear was spotted roaming in downtown Asheville earlier today. You don’t see this kind of excitement in Atlanta! 🙂
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