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Maybe Journalism Isn't Dead

Diane Sawyer has done her homework. Instead of simply accepting the garbage that Newt Gingrich was feeding the American public, she had real examples of Republicans calling the CIA liars. From TP: This morning, former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich went on ABC’s Good Morning America and called on Democrats to pressure Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to resign her position as Speaker. He claimed that she has “disqualified herself” for the leadership spot, because “if I were a person trying to defend this country, I’d have very little confidence that the Speaker of the House had any regard for what we were

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North Korea blows up its colling tower

Maybe, just maybe talking to your enemies works. Ask North Korea. From WaPo: North Korea dynamited the dirty gray cooling tower at its deactivated Yongbyon nuclear facility on Friday, a made-for-TV event intended to show the United States and the world that it is serious about abandoning its nuclear weapons program. After a loud explosive charge, the 60-foot tower imploded within seconds, melting into a thick white cloud of smoke and dust. The late afternoon demolition was filmed by television news crews invited from the five countries that for years have been pressing Kim Jong Il’s totalitarian state to back away

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