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Questions Of Democracy From North Padre Island

I recently read an article in the North Padre Island Moon about a new political action committee called Island United. North Padre Island is part of Corpus Christi, Texas. A purpose of this political action committee is to encourage island residents to vote as a block in order to influence the outcome of elections for the Corpus Christi City Council and Mayor of Corpus Christi. (Above is a Padre Island sand dune though I’m not sure how you’d prove otherwise if I’m making its location up. Here is information on sand dunes). Some North Padre Island residents feel a divided vote

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Turkey looking to invade North Iraq

This is a problem. Colin Powell was required to personally intervene in order to stop a Turkish invasion back in 2003. We took our eyes off of the ball. Yes, there are many balls but the Kurds pestering the Turks was one of the balls. This was identified as a problem or potential problem early on. Now what? ———– From MSNBC.com: Turkey’s Parliament on Wednesday was expected to approve a possible cross-border military incursion into northern Iraq to chase separatist Kurdish rebels despite international calls for restraint. Turkish leaders have stressed that an offensive against the rebels of the Kurdistan Workers

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North Korea agrees to disarm

Maybe China has become more involved.  Maybe Russia has played a larger role.  Because China and Russia are the keys to Korea.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  North Korea has made a career out of breaking promises.  (Update: Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have made this deal.  I think that we should have made this deal 6 years ago.  In the video below, NBC Nightly News interviews John Bolton.  Why?  The man is crazy.) ——– From WaPo: North Korea agreed Tuesday after arduous talks to shut down its main nuclear reactor and eventually dismantle its atomic weapons

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