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Amendment One is one of worst pieces of legislation that I’ve read in a long time. It will take years to undo the damage that has been done today. In my opinion, I don’t think that we need to add discrimination to our state constitution. Unfortunately a majority of North Carolinians disagreed with me. They believed that it’s okay to discriminate. They believed that women don’t deserve the same rights as men. They believe if your loved one is in the hospital you shouldn’t have an opportunity to talk to the doctor about your loved one or even visit your loved

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Wages lag behind health insurance premiums

WE don’t need no stinking health care reform. This is just some liberal plot to control my life. Everyone who is working has insurance if they want it. If they don’t want it, why should we force them to have it? That’s just government control! From the News and Observer: North Carolinians have seen their health insurance costs rise five times faster than their salaries over the past decade, according a new report released this morning that will likely add more fuel to the health-care debate. The report found that health care premiums in the state rose 96.8 percent from 2000

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NC Senate race

Elizabeth Dole is the senator from North Carolina. She is running against Kay Hagan, who is a Democratic senator, who wants a promotion. I have been watching the race but not really posting that much about it. I was talking with Kos about the political landscape and I brought up this race. We both think that it is a very winnable seat for the Democrats. From DailyKos (brownsox): If you’re looking for a guide on how to run a flawless campaign, perhaps the best example for this cycle comes from North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race, from Democrat Kay Hagan. Rasmussen. 10/8. Likely voters. MoE 4%.

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