Great teachers can teach

The true power of the great teacher is nearly overwhelming. This is someone who can capture his or her students. They have the ability to ignite that student’s imagination. The student actually becomes excited to come to class every day because they don’t know what’s going to happen next and they want to know. They want to be there. I’m not sure why the GOP has decided that teachers are a good punching bag, political football or the bane of our existence. None of that is true. More importantly, we need to understand what truly makes a good teacher. If we could somehow turn more of our average teachers into great teachers, then we would really have something special. Our kids would benefit. Our communities would benefit. Our society would benefit.

The guy who does – the physics minute – is a truly great teacher. He’s figured out how to use the Internet, YouTube specifically, as a teaching tool. None of his videos are particularly long. Yet, they all have an interesting and unique way of breaking down complex concepts so that almost everyone can understand them. So, why is the night sky – black?