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This Is How State-Mandated Rape Is Defended In Texas (Updated)


Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston with Rep. Sid Miller R-Stephenville speak together if favor of HB 15, the abortion sonogram bill on May 4th, 2011

Republican Texas State Senator Dan Patrick is a leading architect of the Texas forced sonogram law.

Above you see a picture from the past May of the 15 men and 2 women who worked out final language of the sonogram bill in the Texas Legislature.

Senator Patrick is in the middle of that picture shaking hands with Texas State Rep. Sid Miller  in the white hat.

Here is how the forced sonogram law has been described in a recent opinion column by Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times—

“Here’s what a woman in Texas now faces if she seeks an abortion.  Under a new law that took effect three weeks ago with the strong backing of Gov. Rick Perry, she first must typically endure an ultrasound probe inserted into her vagina. Then she listens to the audio thumping of the fetal heartbeat and watches the fetus on an ultrasound screen. She must listen to a doctor explain the body parts and internal organs of the fetus as they’re shown on the monitor. She signs a document saying that she understands all this, and it is placed in her medical files. Finally, she goes home and must wait 24 hours before returning to get the abortion. “It’s state-sanctioned abuse,” said Dr. Curtis Boyd, a Texas physician who provides abortions. “It borders on a definition of rape. Many states describe rape as putting any object into an orifice against a person’s will. Well, that’s what this is. A woman is coerced to do this, just as I’m coerced.”

Here is the full series of Doonesbury comic strips that are currently being run on this issue.   

Senator Patrick is aware of the opposition this has generated. Below you will see one of the three notes that Senator Patrick has written in recent days on his Facebook page about the forced sonogram law.

I don’t need to offer much rebuttal to what Senator Patrick has said. The facts are going to speak for themselves. Just read what he says. Just listen to the tone.

And then, knowing the elected officials behind the law, think about what is taking place.

Senator Patrick writes of “the left, the pro abortion crowd, and the media elite.” The Senator says— “I have been screamed at by total strangers in the street who recognize me.”

Senator Patrick sees himself as the victim. (more…)

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Pundit Round Up

From the DailyKos

Jimmy Carter believes that the “devastating invasion of Gaza by Israel could easily have been avoided.”

Nicholas Kristof described the Boomerang Syndrome:

Arab terrorism built support for right-wing Israeli politicians, who took harsh actions against Palestinians, who responded with more terrorism, and so on. Extremists on each side sustain the other, and the excessive Israeli ground assault in Gaza is likely to create more terrorists in the long run.

If this pattern continues, we may eventually see Hamas-style Palestinians facing off against hard-line Israelis, with each side making the others’ lives wretched — and political moderates in the Middle East politically eviscerated.

Rosa Brooks explains the stupidity styles of all the players in the current conflict in Gaza.

Hesham Hassaballa, searching for the middle ground, says:

It is possible to be pro-Palestine, pro-Israel and pro-peace all at the same time…

David Broder is feeling the love for Rep. Walt Minnick, because he’s all about the bipartisanship.

David Limbaugh, giving his .02 on Barack Obama’s stimulus package, warns Republicans “that when you polish manure, you still have manure.” Let’s take his word on that.

Ishmael Jones lauds the choice of Leon Panetta to head the CIA because of his unquestionable loyalty to Barack Obama. After all, George Bush didn’t replace a Clinton administration holdover and look at what happened.

Americans may disagree on the reasons for our lack of preparedness prior to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and our response to those attacks … but we should agree that much of the intelligence provided to President Bush by the CIA was false or nonexistent.

Americans may disagree on whether Mr. Bush’s associates should have been charged over the Valerie Plame affair … but we should agree that the CIA and its employees certainly had an uncanny knack for being intimately involved in the crises that threatened the Bush presidency.

Karl Rove, concerned about “mythmaking” now that George Bush is finally riding off into the sunset, explains why the housing and overall economic crisis is all the Democrats fault. [Is is possible for Karl Rove to move his mouth without lying? -ecthompson]

Richard Viguerie says that small-government conservatives must fight for a return to their core beliefs…and then “future generations will celebrate us as those who fought for freedom…” O-kay.

Betsy McCaughey tells you why you never want to sit by a doctor or a nurse in a restaurant.

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