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This Is How State-Mandated Rape Is Defended In Texas (Updated)

  Republican Texas State Senator Dan Patrick is a leading architect of the Texas forced sonogram law. Above you see a picture from the past May of the 15 men and 2 women who worked out final language of the sonogram bill in the Texas Legislature. Senator Patrick is in the middle of that picture shaking hands with Texas State Rep. Sid Miller  in the white hat. Here is how the forced sonogram law has been described in a recent opinion column by Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times— “Here’s what a woman in Texas now faces if she seeks an abortion.  Under a new

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Pundit Round Up

From the DailyKos – Jimmy Carter believes that the “devastating invasion of Gaza by Israel could easily have been avoided.” Nicholas Kristof described the Boomerang Syndrome: Arab terrorism built support for right-wing Israeli politicians, who took harsh actions against Palestinians, who responded with more terrorism, and so on. Extremists on each side sustain the other, and the excessive Israeli ground assault in Gaza is likely to create more terrorists in the long run. If this pattern continues, we may eventually see Hamas-style Palestinians facing off against hard-line Israelis, with each side making the others’ lives wretched — and political moderates in

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