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Friday Morning News Roundup

The NY Knicks have a problem. Jeremy Lin has taken the league by storm. New York has almost forgotten about the Giants, who won a Super Bowl, and have just jumped on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon. I follow Spike Lee on twitter. He has been going nuts over Lin’s outstanding play over the last week. The only reason that Lin is in the lineup is that superstar Carmelo Anthony has been hurt. Melo is now healthy. There is only one basketball. Now what? This is going to be interesting. Lin has been on a very unique hot streak. Here is what Lin has meant to basketball –

Greece is closing in on a bailout deal. Germany may want more.

Why does Rupert Murdoch still have a job? Why hasn’t the board of directors fired him? Murdoch is rushing back to London to try to calm nerves since the arrest of several high-level officials. This just gets worse and worse.

NY Times journalist died in Syria. He died of an apparent asthma attack. He was covering the war in Syria.

The 189th republican debate (have there been fewer..? it seems like more) has been cancelled by CNN. It appears that only Newt was going to show up. I think that would have been perfect. Newt debating with himself for over an hour about whether, frankly, he is the greatest candidate of all time. Now, that would have been TV worth watching.

There was a plane flying in presidential airspace on Thursday. As per protocol, F-16 fighters were scrambled and intercepted the prop plane. It may be the most expensive drug bust in a while because the plane was full of pot.  Busted for transporting pot because you flew into presidential airspace.

The multi-millionaire Rick Santorum backer went on the tellie to mention that all of this stuff over contraception is overblown. He said, “Back in my day, they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.” Of course, back in the good ole days women had back room abortions which frequently ended in death. Back in his day, women were forced to marry early because they knew nothing about sexual education. Back in his day, it was rare for women to go to college and have a career. Back in his day the dinosaurs roamed the plains, as did woolly mammoths… you get the picture. Women need to have information. They need to be free to make their own decisions about contraception. They don’t need advice from this guy.

Ron Paul could still win Maine in a non-binding straw poll/caucus-type thing that really means nothing since no delegates were decided. Our political process gets uglier and uglier the more I examine it.

Unemployment claims decreased.

Did you know that the economy is growing in spite of President Obama? Yep, that’s the Romney line for today.

Romney’s campaign is in trouble. He is at risk of losing his home state of Michigan. So, he decided that it would be a GREAT idea to give a major speech in his home state bashing the auto bailout and unions. That’s a winning formula for Michigan!!

Jokes about the tragic death of Whitney Houston, I guess, if told by someone with taste, could be okay, but calling her a “crack ho” was out of bounds and a radio duo got suspended for their thoughtless and tasteless remarks. When I said on the air that Whitney Houston had a huge problem with drugs and that her problems have been well documented. I think that was okay. I said that I would be surprised if drugs and alcohol did not contribute to her death. I think that was also okay. I don’t think that it is okay to call her a crack ho and ask why it took so long for her to die. These morons are doing what morning drive time guys do, push the envelope of taste. This is why folks listen to them. Sad that you have to be offensive to get an audience these days.

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Florida GOP primary – It’s Romney (Updated)

There was no South Carolina surprise. Romney took care of business and kicked butt. I don’t know if this is good or bad for the GOP. I know that it doesn’t matter to Democrats. I have heard the talking heads say that Obama would like to face Romney or Perry or whomever. I just find that funny, since President Obama hasn’t publicly said anything.

6378 of 6796 Precincts Reporting – 94% Votes %
✓ Romney, Mitt 748,749 47
Gingrich, Newt 509,418 32
Santorum, Rick 213,025 13
Paul, Ron 111,799 7

(This table is from DK)

I will repeat what I said the other day. Newt isn’t a serious candidate. He is running so that his rich donor friends will continue to believe that he is a factor in Washington and will continue to write those large checks. How do you explain the fact that Newt hasn’t come out with a major campaign theme yet? Nothing. He won in South Carolina with a direct attack on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. Because of criticism, he decided to back away from the only theme that has resonated with voters? Since when has Newt backed down from criticism? He isn’t serious about winning the nomination.

Update: If you can stomach it, here is a few moments of Mitt Romney’s speech in Florida.

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