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News Roundup – domestic spying, gun violence and more

The news media erupted yesterday with the news that the United States government, our government, is spying on its own citizens. Domestic Spying. I had a distinct sense of déjà vu. Weren’t we just talking about this a couple years ago? It was just six or seven years ago when we found out that the Bush administration, through the NSA and other agencies, was listening in on our conversations. We were told that this was necessary in order to combat terrorism. Since the initial revelation, we came to understand that the Bush administration was mischaracterizing (or lying, depending upon your perspective) about the extent of the domestic spying program. Initially, we were told that the domestic spying program only involved overseas switches in which the NSA would scan American foreign calls. Slowly but surely we found out that this program was far more extensive. Conservatives told us not to worry. Now, when conservatives find out that the Obama administration has been continuing this exact same program, there is outrage. From my standpoint, I have no idea whether this program is helping to keep Americans safe or if it is an unnecessary violation of our privacy. As I understand the program the NSA is allowed to collect a bunch of data, but they’re not able to look at individual calls or listen to individual calls unless they go back to the FISA court and ask for permission.

I must admit I have not been following the case of a man who asked for an escort and then shot that woman for not performing sexual acts. Somehow, the accused man was able to convince a jury that it was okay to kill a prostitute because under Texas law you can use deadly force to retrieve stolen property. Yep, I don’t understand it either.

Our whole culture around sexual assault and rape seems to be completely backwards to American ideals. A Fox News host was “baffled” that MSNBC was covering the military sexual assault hearings. She said, “Sex crimes in a military, they are a real issue. There’s no doubt about that. I’m not going to poo poo it and say it’s not. What baffles me though is the way they prioritize these issues. The timing and the tone of them. If these were liberal groups targeted by George W. Bush, they would not be covering sex assault in the military. … Why is MSNBC devoting so much time to this issue when, as David Axelrod points out, there are so many other issues to deal with?” First of all, I find the statement mind-boggling. Why isn’t this a big story? Why shouldn’t this be promoted? Should the military be forced to change their ways? Shouldn’t Americans be informed about this issue that has been swept under the carpet for way too long?

What stories are you following today?

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Our media is awful; can we fire all of them?

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There was a time, back in the prehistoric ages, when the news media covered real stories. They covered stories when real children were really in danger. Baby Jessica comes to mind. She was actually stuck in a hole for several days. This brings me to today’s news media. Some family with modest notoriety built some weird “weather balloon” which somehow untethered itself and begins to fly away. Now the hook, a six-year-old boy may be in the balloon! No major outlet mentions that the information comes from a young sibling.

The news media won’t report that an Arizona congressman stood up and and criticized the healthcare policy, which hasn’t even been finalized yet, with the dumbest, most idiotic statement yet. He said, “We’re getting full on Russian gulag, Soviet style gulags healthcare.” What? A gulag? How? The media doesn’t spend time calling out the stupidity of this congressman but instead spends over an hour looking at a balloon floating throughout the sky wondering if a six-year-old boy is in it. At one point, somebody thinks something fell from the balloon… was it the boy? Somebody hand me an emesis basin!! I think I’m going to throw up.

This isn’t conservatives versus liberals or the liberal media versus the Fox Noise Channel. This is just awful. Nobody did the basic research and asked who saw the boy get in the balloon? Can the balloon fly with a 40 or 50 pound six-year-old in it? Just breathless sensationalism, that’s all America gets these days. Walter Cronkite is already turning over in his grave.

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Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai

I simply do not understand this type of senseless violence.

From WaPo: Gunmen attacked three luxury hotels, a hospital, a train station, a movie theater and other buildings in Mumbai late Wednesday, killing at least 100 people and wounding more than 300 in a rampage through India’s financial capital, police said. The attackers took dozens of people hostage, and witnesses said they were seeking out Americans and Britons. An unknown group asserted responsibility in e-mails to India’s news media.

The gunmen, armed with explosives, lay siege to two of the hotels all night. Troops stormed in to rescue people, some of them foreign nationals, who were trapped inside. The 105-year-old Moorish-style rooftop dome of the landmark Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel was engulfed in fire, and flames billowed out of many rooms. One wing of the waterfront hotel was gutted. Seven hours after the first attack, firefighters rescued more than 50 hotel guests and escorted them to ambulances.

At least six foreigners were among those killed in the attacks, said Ramesh Tayde, a senior police officer, according to the Reuters news agency. (more… )

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