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Thursday News Round Up

Thursday news roundup Even if you were paying attention yesterday, you may have missed a couple big news items. First of all, Philip Zelikow, an aid to Condoleezza Rice when she was Secretary of State, messed up. He actually thought that the Constitution was the Constitution. He thought that because we sign treaties and have more than 200 years’ history of not embracing torture that that actually meant something. He thought, amazingly enough, that the Geneva conventions, which we signed, actually bind us to uphold them. That notion is kind of quaint and laughable now, but back in the day, he

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News misleads again

Maybe it’s the 24-hour mentality of news or that these news websites feel as if they have to fill every square inch of the page with something. MSNBC has several links on their front page which include — How Big Will the Crowd Be?, Waterboarding Is Torture, AG Pick Says, Israel Says It Hit UN Mission after Taking Fire. All of these seem like good, solid news items. Then, when you dig down a little farther you get to this article — Some Blacks Choose Inauguration Overwork.  Why is this news? Aren’t some Whites chosing the inauguration overwork? Aren’t there going to be hundreds

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Campaign Roundup

I’m going to be a little lazy today. I’m going to borrow the campaign Round-up from Political Animal. From PA: Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that wouldn’t generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers. * The Obama campaign unveiled a two-minute ad this morning that emphasizes Obama’s economic plan and how he’d pay for it. McCain and Bush aren’t mentioned. * The National Republican Senatorial Committee has officially given up on winning Colorado’s open U.S. Senate seat, which obviously spells trouble for Bob Schaffer. * In other Senate news, Obama cut a new TV

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