What's Going On: News Round Up

I guess the biggest news from yesterday was John Edwards’ endorsement of Senator Barack Obama. Edwards gave a GREAT speech.

  • Nothing but ugly news is coming out of China. More and more pictures showing terrible destruction. I haven’t read any estimates of property damage but the death total continues to rise. There is significant damage to several dams which have put several cities in more danger.
  • Cindy McCain sold off over $2 million in Sudanese investments. But, I prefer not to beat up Ms. McCain for being rich or even inheriting huge sums of money.
  • On the other hand, I don’t mind beating up Senator John McCain for having the most incoherent Iraq policy. Just three months ago, McCain accused those who wanted to pull out of Iraq of not understanding military principles. I guess he doesn’t understand those same principles. Today, his campaign announced a plan to have most troops home by 2013. If I didn’t know better, I would say that this looks almost like a timetable.
  • News from Myanmar is still awful. Farmers may miss harvest time.
  • David Broder of the Washington Post has been the wise sage of journalism for a long time. Today, he waxes on West Virginia and Obama. He compares Tuesday’s contest to John F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey back in 1960. Although the comparison is interesting, it has nothing to do with what happened on Tuesday. Obama made a decision not to spend $15 to $30 million to educate the voters of West Virginia. Obama would have probably still lost the primary even with the expenditure, just by less. Wouldn’t the money be better spent on Oregon where it will give him a lead in elected delegates and the popular vote that can not be over come?
  • Dan Froomkin had a great article yesterday on Bush’s Politico interview. Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment was on the interview.