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It is 9/11

9-11(I wrote this over a decade ago. I think it is still relevant.)

I feel like we should be doing something. We, as a country, should be marking this day with… something. It seems like after all the pain and suffering, we should be doing more than simply “going on with our lives.” It seems that a simple remembrance is appropriate for the Oklahoma City bombing, but for 9/11, we need more. Hands Across America, that’s too hokey. Maybe, just maybe, a simple moment of silence. Maybe that’s enough. Then the question becomes how long do we try to remember? Five years? That doesn’t seem like enough. 10 years… 20 years… 50 years? Now, this seems like way too much.

Oh, this day shouldn’t be about destruction. This day should be about bringing us together. It should be about the thousands who came to New York to help clear the rubble. It should be about the thousands who reached out to the victim’s families. It should be listening to the stories of the Americans who simply died for no reason. WE need to be reminded that it could happen again if we are asleep at the wheel, again.

I know I shouldn’t have to point this out, but in the atmosphere in which we live, incredibly partisan, it seems necessary — nobody owns 9/11 with the possible exception of the families of 9/11. This isn’t a Republican or Democratic day. This day does not belong to Independents. This day does not belong to New York or New Jersey or the Pentagon or the military or Pennsylvania. 9/11 was a national tragedy. It belongs to all of us whether we like it or not.

From Slate:

Every year, the custody battle over 9/11 becomes more contentious. The current furor over the proposed construction of an Islamic center a couple of blocks away from the World Trade Center footprint has made this anniversary of the carnage at the towers, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pa., more prickly than usual.

New Yorkers have thought from the beginning that the calamity belongs to them because, well, because they’re egocentrics who think that everything belongs to them. But New Yorkers would also have you believe that the day belongs to them because their city endured the greatest fatalities. (The Jerseyites who died? Fuggedaboutit.)

Those who lost relatives in the attacks tend to think of 9/11 as their personal property because their immediate loss was so great. But that doesn’t mean they see eye to eye about everything 9/11. Some would have liked to see the WTC site sculpted into a “cemetery” or permanent memorial. Others thought their special status should have given them a louder voice in dictating the size, shape, and use of any replacement buildings. Today, September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows sings “Kumbaya” as they encourage alternatives to war and attempt to build universal fellowship. The September 11th Education Trust, which started as a family group, seeks to preserve the day with oral histories and archival materials. Meanwhile, 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America takes a hard line and is currently protesting the building of the Islamic center.

Politicians claimed ownership of 9/11 almost from the get-go to advance their goals. Within five hours of the strike, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld was plotting ways to harness it as an excuse to attack Iraq. The Bush administration and Congress invoked 9/11 as they rushed into law in six weeks an act comprised largely of a police- and surveillance-powers wish list they had been keeping on a shelf, which they dubbed the USA PATRIOT Act. And, of course, the Bush administration repeatedly conjured images of 9/11 over the next 20 months to successfully campaign for the Iraq invasion. (more…)

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Sunday Afternoon News Roundup

  • It seems that everybody on the planet is following the Casey Anthony trial. I actually had to do a Google search in order to figure out who Casey Anthony was. I think it’s far more interesting to follow the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the former head of the IMF. He’s been accused of the rape of a hotel maid. I thought the case was locked tight when his DNA was found on the maid’s clothing. But no! The prosecution’s case has begun to crumble. The maid was taped during a call with her boyfriend saying, “Don’t worry, this guy has a lot of money. I know what I’m doing.” That doesn’t sound so good for the prosecution. She lied about being gang raped in Guinea. She told prosecutors that she had a single source of income, her maid job, but she has four different bank accounts with over $1000 each in four different states. All of a sudden the former IMF chairman seems to be looking less and less guilty.
  • Another week goes by and another Republican announces that he/she is running for president. This time it is Thaddeus McCotter, a congressman from Michigan.
  • A huge protest at the Georgia state capitol over their extremely restrictive immigration law. We need to get a handle on immigration. This is not something that the states need to undertake or should undertake, in my opinion. Instead, Congress needs to fix this.
  • According to a new poll, only 58% of Americans knew the answer to this question: “In which year did the United States declare its independence?” Seriously? Republicans are cutting education budgets throughout the country. When you see results like this, it is obvious that we need to increase education funding, not cut it. In case you’re wondering, the answer is 1776.
  • If you’re looking for a good reason why the American middle class struggling, just look at this article on a BMW plant which is closing. This is exactly what happened throughout the Midwest. Once good manufacturing jobs leave, members of the middle class, as a rule, are forced to take lower paying service sector jobs. I think I would feel differently if companies who are outsourcing jobs were losing market share or losing money, but neither is the case. Instead, companies want to make more money than they’re already making. I would feel better if this outsourcing and increased corporate profits would lead to increased salaries for workers, but it doesn’t. The only ones who win from this outsourcing are the corporate executives. When America begins to care about the middle class again, stuff like this will not happen.
  • A Pennsylvania congressman confronts his constituents over cuts to the middle class and protecting big business and the rich.
  • Michele Bachmann ended her gaffe-prone week by stating, “a dollar in 2011 should be the same as a dollar in 1911.” I’m not sure what Michele Bachmann meant by the statement. I think that she was implying that the Obama administration’s trying to stimulate the economy and injecting money into the system has caused the devaluation of our dollar. I guess she was suggesting that we should’ve done nothing and sat by as millions more Americans would’ve lost their jobs, pushing unemployment rates up to the 15-20% range. Is that what she is suggesting?
  • Leave it to Chuck Schumer, Senator from New York, to say what everyone else is thinking. The GOP is sabotaging the economy for their own political gain. I don’t know if this is true or not. I do know that a stimulus of some sort will help the economy and help drive down the unemployment rate. The GOP is resisting this with all of its might.

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Grab Bag – Wednesday

  • O”Donnell questions the separation of church and state, one of our founding principles.
  • The Texas Rangers smacked the unbeatable NY Yankees 10 – 3 last night. For some reason, the Yankees couldn’t take advantage of mediocre pitching from the Rangers. The Rangers took a 3 -1 lead in the best of 7 series. Eliminating the Yankees for long=suffering Ranger fans would be a dream come true.  Game 5 tonight in New York.
  • CIA cites failures which lead to deaths.
  • In one of the strangest stories that I have read in a very long time, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife called Anita Hill and left a voice message on her answering machine.  She reportedly was reaching out with an olive branch. What? Ms. Thomas wants an apology. Yep. That’s going to happen.  19 years after the fact.
  • US Senate candidate Joe Miller’s guards handcuff a private citizen. Is this legal?

More from Political Animal:

  • China rattles global investors: “China’s central bank unexpectedly announced Tuesday that it would raise interest rates for the first time in nearly three years, apparently in the hopes of dampening inflation and cooling off this country’s hot property market.”
  • Violence at the Chechen Parliament: “Heavily armed gunmen burst into the Parliament of Chechnya in southern Russia on Tuesday morning, killing at least three people and wounding more than a dozen others before they were killed by police or by their own explosives, officials said.”
  • Someone shot at the Pentagon shortly before 5 a.m. this morning, possibly using a high-powered rifle. No one was injured, and for now, authorities are considering this “a random event.”
  • As of this afternoon, U.S. military recruiters are required to accept the applications of gays and lesbians who wish to join the military. Those same recruiters will have to inform those joining, however, that DADT may be re-imposed fairly soon.
  • A far-right group hoping to deliberately suppress the Hispanic vote in Nevada will not be able to purchase airtime on Univision.
  • With undisclosed millions poised to deliver huge gains for Republicans, there’s a reason Karl Rove and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are laughing at their critics.
  • Extremist Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R) thinks terrorists have entered the U.S. through Canada. That’s completely wrong, and Canadian officials aren’t happy about Angle’s ignorance.
  • Repealing health care reform really isn’t as easy as the right might think.
  • Students with cerebral disabilities are enrolling in colleges in greater numbers, and even if they don’t get a degree, the education will help these young people be more competitive in the job market.
  • Juan Williams is afraid of Muslims on airplanes. He seemed unembarrassed about saying this on national television.

What’s on your mind this morning?

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