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It is 9/11

(I wrote this over a decade ago. I think it is still relevant.) I feel like we should be doing something. We, as a country, should be marking this day with… something. It seems like after all the pain and suffering, we should be doing more than simply “going on with our lives.” It seems that a simple remembrance is appropriate for the Oklahoma City bombing, but for 9/11, we need more. Hands Across America, that’s too hokey. Maybe, just maybe, a simple moment of silence. Maybe that’s enough. Then the question becomes how long do we try to remember? Five

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Sunday Afternoon News Roundup

It seems that everybody on the planet is following the Casey Anthony trial. I actually had to do a Google search in order to figure out who Casey Anthony was. I think it’s far more interesting to follow the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the former head of the IMF. He’s been accused of the rape of a hotel maid. I thought the case was locked tight when his DNA was found on the maid’s clothing. But no! The prosecution’s case has begun to crumble. The maid was taped during a call with her boyfriend saying, “Don’t worry, this guy

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Grab Bag – Wednesday

O”Donnell questions the separation of church and state, one of our founding principles. The Texas Rangers smacked the unbeatable NY Yankees 10 – 3 last night. For some reason, the Yankees couldn’t take advantage of mediocre pitching from the Rangers. The Rangers took a 3 -1 lead in the best of 7 series. Eliminating the Yankees for long=suffering Ranger fans would be a dream come true.  Game 5 tonight in New York. CIA cites failures which lead to deaths. In one of the strangest stories that I have read in a very long time, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife called

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