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Tuesday Morning News Roundup

  • It looks as if Republicans are sitting around and holding their breath claiming that they’ve made enough “concessions” in the debt ceiling talks. I’m not sure they’ve made any concessions to be honest. Eugene Robinson has more. More on the debt ceiling craziness here, here and here.
  • Will Congress investigate Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation over their phone hacking scandal? It seems to me that if they were bold enough to try something like this in the UK, we ought to wonder what would stop them for trying something like this here?
  • Corruption, deceit and assassination seem to rule the day in Afghanistan. We need to get out of there.
  • Wages remain stagnant, yet we are working harder and longer.
  • The fiery congressman from Florida Alan Grayson is running for reelection. This is good news for progressives.
  • The stupid analogy of the day award goes to Senator Mitch McConnell who stated that the Casey Anthony trial proves that civilian courts cannot try terrorists. What? I thought the civilian courts have already tried and convicted multiple terrorists.
  • I’m not a New York Yankees fan. I’ve watched the New York Yankees pummel the Texas Rangers for decades. I still admire Derek Jeter. He’s been able to get it done for years. Over the weekend, he hit his 3000th hit. Congratulations, Derek. This is a huge accomplishment.
  • I’m not sure how conservatives can look at this graph and still insist on tax cuts for the rich.

  • American television, in my opinion, has been abysmal for years. We have seemingly thousands of channels with garbage on each one. One of the great surprises over the last couple years has been a series called Burn Notice. Check it out.

What stories are you following today?

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Grab Bag – Sunday

Texas Rangers' pitcher Clay Rapada reacts after closing out the sixth inning against the New York Yankees

  • The Texas Rangers proved that they’re not the Texas Rangers of old. They were not to roll over and play dead for the New York Yankees. A double steal in the first inning to generate a run was one clue. The second and more important clue came in the sixth inning when the Rangers were up against the wall. The Yankees look like they were poised for one of their patented innings which generates multiple runs. Somehow, some way, the Texas Rangers got out of that inning. Game three is on Monday in New York.
  • Millions of dollars are rolling into Republican coffers. Mysterious groups like American Crossroads and American Action Network are shoveling large amounts of money at House candidates.
  • Everyone was bowled over when Sharron Angle announced that she raised more than $14 million during the last quarter. Unfortunately for her supporters, she has only $4 million left in the bank.
  • The brother of the “underwear bomber” has been arrested in Nigeria. He seems to be connected with the bombing in Lagos.
  • I think it’s going to take years to straighten out the foreclosure mess. I think the Wall Street Journal summed it up very well, “The financial system and legal system have been on a collision course for some time in residential real estate. Both the lower standards for loans and the lax controls involving foreclosures were based on the premise that home prices would never fall, making it unlikely that many loans would go bad at once. Once that premise fell apart, the flaws in the system became obvious, and the long-term challenge now facing lenders is to rebuild the mortgage system on more solid footing. Banks argue that these problems will be repaired swiftly, and they’ll soon be running the foreclosure machinery at full speed again. But analysts say the problems could expand into a legal crisis if banks can’t prove that they are following standard property-law procedures.
  • Sadly, in Baltimore, an off-duty police officer got into an argument over a parking spot and was beaten to death. This kind of violence is senseless. Unfortunately, as a trauma surgeon, I see this on a weekly basis. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
  • Lots of craziness going on in college football. Number one Ohio State had only a week to enjoy their number one spot before they lost.
  • Another myth bites the dust. There really is no such thing as Eureka Moment. Major breakthroughs come with hard work.
  • Barbara Billingsley, best known as the mother on Leave It to Beaver, died at age 94. I will always remember her for her hilarious performance in the movie Airplane!
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Grab bag – Saturday morning

  • The Texas Rangers were a cat’s whisker from winning their first postseason game with the New York Yankees in over a decade. Yet, the Rangers came up short. The key is how the Rangers respond. Everybody knew that the New York Yankees were going to fight the last out because that’s the Yankees. How will the Rangers respond in game two?
  • CVS pharmacy is fined $75 million. I guess the take-home lesson is that they need to figure out how to follow the letter of the law.
  • Republican candidate in Florida’s 22nd district Allen West has an interesting admiration for the biker gang, the Outlaws.
  • Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked off their set of “The View” the other day. In what was a surprise to nobody, their guest, Bill O’Reilly decided to do what he usually does, which is be offensive and abrasive.
  • Former Wisconsin DA Kenneth Kratz has been sued for sending sexually suggestive text messages to a sexual abuse victim.
  • The answer to the question about who’s making money in this economy has been answered. It isn’t you and me, just in case you were wondering. It is the corporations, of course.

From Political Animal:

  • The Fed eyes a new round of intervention: “The Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, appeared to remove any lingering doubt Friday that the central bank would take new actions to fortify the torpid recovery and fight low inflation and high unemployment.”
  • Social Security: “Another year without an increase in Social Security retirement and disability benefits is creating a political backlash that has President Barack Obama and Democrats pushing to give a $250 bonus to each of the program’s 58 million recipients.”
  • Not helpful: “Israel ended an unofficial construction freeze in Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem on Friday, announcing plans to build 238 housing units. The move comes as hard-won peace talks are stalled over the question of whether Israel will extend its broader construction moratorium in the West Bank.”
  • Those worried about inflation aren’t paying attention: “The economy continued to show little sign of inflation as consumer prices eased marginally in September, while the retail sector provided a glimmer of hope for consumers, government reports said on Friday.”
  • The Forgive Student Loan Debt initiative will piggyback onto Jon Stewart’s upcoming rally, in the hopes of making the case that forgiving all students loans would boost the economy.
  • During a debate this week between Delaware’s major-party Senate candidates, Christine O’Donnell (R) insisted that Chris Coons (D) “paid $53,000 in a men’s fashion show.” She was lying.
  • If you haven’t taken the time to watch the clip of Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns’ message to GLBT teens, you should. It’s quite powerful. (thanks to S.Y. for passing it along.)

so what’s on your mind?

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