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Clinging to Garbage Health Insurance Policies

The funny thing about this health-care reform is for the last 3-4 years, we’ve lurched from one pseudo-disaster to another. Just think about it. We’ve gone through the socialized medicine craze – “this is nothing but socialized medicine, do you want to be Canada or France?” We have gone through the “President Obama is thwarting the will of the people” phase. Last week, we decided to enter the “Obama lied to the American people” phase. President Obama did say on multiple occasions, that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” That was simply not true. It was never true. What the president should have said was that if you have decent health insurance and you like it, then you can keep it. If you have crap, I’m sorry, but that’s not going to be acceptable anymore. Unfortunately, qualified statements simply don’t play as well with the American people as these definitive clichés.

Many Americans are finding out that they simply cannot keep their health insurance. I remember reading somewhere that this woman was very upset that she was going to lose her health insurance which cost her approximate $650 a year. Unfortunately, upon examination, she really didn’t get covered for anything. She was playing $650 to get nothing. (Like many Americans she said that she liked her policy, but she had never used it and didn’t know that it covered nothing.) This is the crux of the problem. Many insurance companies were selling health insurance at some nominal price that really didn’t cover almost anything. I saw the other side of this coin on multiple occasions. I have had patients in the hospital who sustained significant injuries only to find out that their insurance would not pay for rehabilitation, cognitive therapy, physical therapy, almost anything that they really needed. I’ve seen patients and their spouses on the phone desperate to talk to anyone who had answers, only to find out they’re going to get the runaround, again. (more…)

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News Roundup – Syria, Austerity, Immigration Reform

Syrian chemical attack

Last night, President Barack Obama presented his case against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. In my opinion, the case is pretty clear. The Syrian government used chemical weapons against their own people. Then, to cover up their atrocities, they then shelled those exact same neighborhoods for three days straight. Then, they let UN weapons inspectors to come in with the hope that they would find nothing. Or at least, they would find nothing conclusive. The one thing that this whole ordeal has clearly shown us is the dysfunction of the Republican Party. On one hand, there are some of the Republican Party that have been yelling, as loudly as they possibly could, that a limited, targeted, surgical strike was not enough. We needed more. (Invade Syria?) Then, there are those who wanted immediate airstrikes. They didn’t even want President Obama to ask Congress for anything. They stated, clearly, that Obama had the authority and he was scared to use it. Finally, you had a group of Republicans who are calling Obama a warmonger. In my opinion, all of these extremes simply miss the point. I think the idea of Syria giving up their chemical weapons is a good one. Unfortunately, the implementation of actually getting them to give up their chemical weapons is going to be extremely difficult. For a second, it seemed that Russia was going to play a constructive role in the peaceful turnover of Syrian chemical weapons to the international community. Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to squash all that. The Russian president took to the New York Times. Not only is he falsely suggesting that the United Nations was founded so that we can start war only by consensus. That’s garbage. The United Nations was started to give Russia and the United States cover if they needed it. He even suggested that the rebels may have unleashed the chemical weapons. If, President Al Assad does not comply, we need to unleash the cruise missiles.

Once again, we have overwhelming data that this austerity program that has been shoved down our throats, doesn’t work. The fact that the economy is in a funk right now, is evidence that austerity doesn’t work. We should not believe that further cutbacks would’ve been helpful. This is exactly what happened in England. They are in a terrible funk from an economic standpoint. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, austerity doesn’t work. (more…)

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Thursday Evening News Roundup

West, Texas plant explosion

News Roundup

I’m traveling today. I have been busy, but I have also been a little depressed. I didn’t feel like posting anything. I was watching the events in Boston and then I was trying to figure out the Ricin thing. I mean, what the hell? Then a factory blows up and basically levels a whole town. Seriously? Oh, Texas has cut their government services (remember, business doesn’t need oversight) back so far that this plant hasn’t been inspected since 2006. Is that date correct? 2006? The Senate forgets its first responsibility, protect its citizens, and holds up sensible gun legislation.

From Steve:

The AP reports this afternoon that lab tests confirm the presence of ricin in the letters sent to President Obama and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.). The suspected mailer, Paul Kevin Curtis, was formally charged by federal officials today.

National Review, a conservative magazine, blasted Gabrielle Giffords’ New York Times op-ed as “childish” and “an embarrassment.” Take a look at the piece for yourself and see if you agree.

Oh, New York Post, maybe you should go enjoy a little quiet time for a while.

Keep a close eye on this: “Britain and France have informed the United Nations that there is credible evidence that Syria used chemical weapons on more than one occasion since December, according to senior diplomats and officials briefed on the accounts.”

Texas: “A former justice of the peace who had come under increasing suspicion in recent weeks was charged on Thursday with the revenge killings of the Kaufman County district attorney and a chief aide, who had successfully prosecuted the man for burglary and theft last year.”

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