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News Roundup – Scott Brown, ISIS / ISIL, Syria

Scott Brown was known for decisive action when he was in the Senate. He’s now running for Senate, again, in New Hampshire. This time he understands the Islamic threat. He is not confused. He is serious, very serious (if he says so).

Last night the US struck targets in Syria. We have a coalition. At least that is what we are being told. I have no idea if this is true or not. Obama said, “The strength of this coalition makes it clear to the world that this is not America’s fight alone… Above all, the people and governments of the Middle East are rejecting ISIL (ISIS), and standing up for the peace and security that the people of the region and the world deserve.”

F-22 Raptor flew some of the bombing missions. This makes the first time that the F-22 has been flown in combat. I’m surprised. The F-22 has been around for awhile. I thought that it flew missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was wrong.

I understand the threat of ISIS / ISIL. I didn’t really understand… Well, to be honest, I had never heard of Khorasan. This is reportedly a militant group that was associated with Al Qaeda somehow. They were some type of growing threat and we took them or some portion of them out with missile strikes. From WSJ – U.S. officials have viewed Khorasan with growing alarm in recent weeks and some have said it would be irresponsible to strike in Syria and not take aim at an al Qaeda affiliate long considered to be dangerous to the U.S. and its allies. Islamic State militants are seen as primarily focused on taking and holding territory in Iraq and Syria, with attacks on the U.S. representing a secondary goal. It severed its ties with al Qaeda’s leadership in Pakistan.

I don’t really understand the deal surrounding the White House fence jumper. So, we were first told that this was some harmless knucklehead. Then we find out that Omar Gonzalez was stopped earlier this summer with rifles, 4 handguns and ammunition. Now we are told the Secret Service had a major security breach. Gonzalez had over 800 rounds of ammo in his car. This guy jumped the fence and sprinted into the north entrance of the White House. From what I understand he did get inside before being tackled. What if he had a bomb strapped to him? Secret Service studied this 20 years ago. It looks like they did nothing to fix the problem. Omar Gonzalez is a Vet. I hope that he gets the help that he needs. (more…)

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There are lots of things that Iowa is not going to tell us. We do not know who the Republican nominee is. We really don’t know much about the Republican Party at all, but we do know a few things. The flavor of the week, Newt Gingrich, finished an extremely disappointing fourth. Ron Paul finished a surprising third. I’m not sure that either of these two affects me much. It is clear that Rick Santorum has reenergized what was an extremely dead at lackluster campaign. It’s unclear to me whether he’ll be able to take this momentum into New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann truly imploded. Rick Perry only has himself to blame, with a string of extremely poor performances both on stage and in the debates. Michele Bachmann threw all of her chips into Iowa. She threw as much weight as much as any other candidate and they clearly rejected her.

Finally, I think that Iowa does tell us a lot about Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney’s heart was broken in Iowa four years ago. He and his staff for whatever reason decided that they would not to campaign hard in Iowa. They spent most of their time elsewhere. Then, they thought they saw an opportunity late in the race to pull out a victory in Iowa. Schedules were shuffled and suddenly Mitt Romney was pressing the flesh in Iowa. Although he won, I think that one could question his front-runner status. Winning by eight votes is not the overwhelming victory that you are hoping for.

Don’t pay too much attention as the mainstream media tries to overanalyze the results in Iowa. In my opinion, the main story out of Iowa is that Rick Santorum is not dead and Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann probably are.

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Don’t focus on Iowa

To clearly understand where the Republican party is going, we shouldn’t focus on Iowa. Iowa is just a piece of the Republican puzzle. New Hampshire and South Carolina are also very important. Once we are through with primaries, which will have covered the south, the midwest and the far northeast, we should have a pretty good picture of who the GOP is going to choose.

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