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Podcast – Local Edge Radio with Bill Scher and Vonciel

Finally, I was able to catch up with Bill Scher from Liberal Oasis and Campaign for America’s Future for this podcast. (Please read Bill’s must-read post on how to get jobs back on the table.)Bill is one of the fabulous progressives. We discuss the fact that President Barack Obama appears to be holding the winning hand with debt ceiling negotiations coming up. We talk about Benghazi. Every time the Republicans try to make a big deal out of Benghazi, it seems to blow up in their faces. Such was the case with Mitt Romney and, most recently, Charles Krauthammer, who stated

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Keystone Dead For Now

Just because it looks as if the Keystone Pipeline is dead, don’t think that this fight is over. Some very powerful people stand to make tons of money for this project to simply die. It will be back, I promise. From The Nation: For the second time in as many months, the Obama administration has rejected the Keystone XL pipeline—a hugely controversial project that would traverse the length of the country from Nebraska to the Gulf of Mexico, carrying heavy and dirty tar sands oil from deep in Canada. You’ll recall that, following a summer of protests and civil disobedience, the

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Our Constitution and some basic guarantees

It seems to me that our Constitution guarantees some basic rights for all Americans. (Now we can, of course, argue about whether Faisal Shahzad should have been allowed to become an American citizen.) These rights are not open for negotiations. Yet, we have some who have argued that alleged failed Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, shouldn’t have been afforded these rights. Why not? Doesn’t our Constitution work in good times and bad? If there is some reason that the Constitution doesn’t work, then we need to amend it. I think that this is really pretty simple, but it seems that folks

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