Where’s the Outrage? 8/5/06

What a great show!  State Representative Susan Fisher was in the house.  We discuss some of the progressive triumphs of this last legislative session.  There was an increase in the state minimum wage, there’s a new seat belt law which requires backseat passengers to wear seatbelts, there’s also a new gas gouging law which gives the governor and the attorney general power to investigate gas stations who may be taken advantage of the public.  We cover several other topics important to North Carolina, also.  It was great to have her back on the show.  Please check out her website.

Congress is up to some of the same old dirty tricks this week.  They finally passed a minimum wage bill but unfortunately they attached the Paris Hilton giveaway also (cuts in the estate tax).  The House of Representatives passed a bill but fortunately the Senate was smart enough to reject it.  I also discuss my personal disappointment with Floyd Landis, the winner of the Tour de France.  He has proclaimed his innocence as a long line of athletes have before him.  The one advantage that he has is that he has several negative tests before this one and several negative tests after this one.  It is an important point.  Whether he is innocent or guilty, I discussed the lure of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.  This subject and more are covered in this information packed hour of Where’s the Outrage?