Hillary Clinton surfaces

Senator Hillary Clinton has been spotted at a High School graduation. Now, there are many theories of why Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination. I have written a few myself. But, one of the things that we really see, until the race was over, was a softer more thoughtful side of Hillary. In the NYT there is a great story of the human side of Hillary. How she befriended a woman that she saw in the crowd at the 1992 Democratic convention. This woman, Patricia Williams was in a bad relationship. Hillary gave her the strength to let her abusive husband. Her daughter was graduating high school. Now, this is a great story.

BTW, I’m sorry that Hillary Clinton lost. The time for mourning this loss is now over. It’s time for Hillary Clinton to stand up in the Senate and lead a filibuster against this FISA bill. Hillary Clinton would be the perfect person to lead this charge. She can absorb a lot of the negative publicity and that Republicans would heap on top of Barack Obama, if he took charge. She would develop good will with liberals who didn’t like the way that she ran her campaign. I think that it would be a win – win for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.