Uncle Drew Knows Hoops

Have you seen this video in which “old” Uncle Drew proves that he knows hoops?

Sure, Uncle Drew is a ringer ,but then I look at the old San Antonio Spurs. There may be a lesson for all of us. The San Antonio Spurs should be getting all of the love from the sports world, but they aren’t. They have won four NBA titles with the same three guys as their core for the last decade. They have schooled younger and flashier teams. They understand how to play the game. The game ain’t about dunks. It ain’t about hype. It ain’t about individual scoring. It is about passing. It is about team defense. It is about rebounding as a team. It is about hitting the outlet passes. It about understanding where your teammates are on the floor at all times. It is about hitting the open guy and that guy drilling the open shot. It is about five guys playing in harmony. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili understand this.