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Obama at Normandy

Here are President Barack Obama’s remarks:

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Transcript of President Obama’s remarks:

Why is this? Of all the battles in all the wars across the span of human history, why does this day hold such a revered place in our memory? What is it about the struggle that took place on the sands a few short steps from here that brings us back to remember year after year after year?

Part of it, I think, is the size of the odds that weighed against success. For three centuries, no invader had ever been able to cross the English Channel into Normandy. And it had never been more difficult than in 1944.

That was the year that Hitler ordered his top field marshal to fortify the Atlantic Wall against a seaborne invasion. From the tip of Norway to southern France, the Nazis lined steep cliffs with machine guns and artillery. Low-lying areas were flooded to block passage. Sharpened poles awaited paratroopers. Mines were laid on the beaches and beneath the water. And by the time of the invasion, half a million Germans waited for the Allies along the coast between Holland and northern France.

At dawn on June 6th, the Allies came. The best chance for victory had been for the British Royal Air Corps to take out the guns on the cliffs while airborne divisions parachuted behind enemy lines. But all did not go according to plan. Paratroopers landed miles from their mark, while the fog and clouds prevented Allied planes from destroying the guns on the cliffs. So when the ships landed here at Omaha, an unimaginable hell rained down on the men inside. Many never made it out of the boats.

And yet, despite all of this, one by one, the Allied forces made their way to shore — here, and at Utah and Juno; Gold and Sword. They were American, British, and Canadian. Soon, the paratroopers found each other and fought their way back. The Rangers scaled the cliffs. And by the end of the day, against all odds, the ground on which we stand was free once more.

The sheer improbability of this victory is part of what makes D-Day so memorable. It also arises from the clarity of purpose with which this war was waged. (more… )

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Worst People

* FoxNews does a piece on education and misspells the word education.
* Bill O’Reilly for being a jerk. This time O’Reilly asks his readers of The Factor Online what the most biased news organization is. Fox isn’t included in the poll.
* Bill O’Reilly for his comparison of NetRoots Nation to the Nazis. I was at Netroots and I didn’t see one Nazi or even a fascist (maybe they were wearing a disguise).

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Obama Confronts Bush and McCain

Straight and to the point, Senator Barack Obama directly responded to President Bush’s appeasement comment and then turned to Senator John McCain. Obama correctly stated that McCain has offered to differentiate between himself and George Bush on foreign policy.

Below are Obama’s remarks in South Dakota.

From the Washington Post: “If George Bush and John McCain want to have a debate about protecting America, that is a debate I will have anytime, any place,” he said to a cheering crowd. “George Bush and John McCain have a lot to answer for.”

Obama then launched into list of grievances, including a war fought on the premise of uprooting weapons of mass destruction that were never found, the failure to catch Osama Bin Laden and turning Iran into the “greatest beneficiary” of the Iraq war.

“That’s the Bush-McCain record on protecting this country,” Obama said. “Those are the failed policies that John McCain wants to double down on.”

The senator’s comments came in response to President Bush’s speech before the Israeli Knesset yesterday, in which he likened a willingness to meet with “terrorists and radicals” to appeasement of the Nazis.

“That’s exactly the kind of appalling attack that’s divided our country and alienates us from the world,” Obama said. “And that’s exactly why we need change.”

Finally, there are a group of Democrats who believe that Obama hasn’t shown enough passion on the campaign trail. Well, I thought he showed plenty of passion in this speech.

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