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Navy Blasts Whales With Sonar

The Supreme Court recently heard a case about Navy testing of sonar that may well harm and kill whales and dolphins. At the moment, these tests off the coast of California are banned by federal court order. Environmental groups say these sonar blasts sound as loud as a jet engine to whales and dolphins. The Navy says the tests are needed for national security.  Beyond these issues, the core of the matter seems to be whether the a judge can order the Navy to stop the tests because no environmental impact study has been done by the Navy. The case has implications beyond this specific

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Bill Moyers on Reverend Jeremiah Wright

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright has come out of hiding. His first interview was with the great Bill Moyers. Those of you that have read my blog for some time know that I love Moyers. His PBS program has been a light of reason when no one else would be reasonable. This interview begins at the beginning, when Wright was a young man and we follow him through his development. Wright served in the Marines and Navy. He earned three letters of commandation in his four  years in the Navy. He was part of the team that operated on Lyndon Johnson. Wright

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Wright a true patriot

At the risk of opening a door that was closed, Jeremiah Wright needs a nothing look.  I don’t think that the media or the public have been fair to this man of God.  Sure, he has said some things that are offensive.  I agree with this assessment. Some were calling him a racist, this is a man who is respected the White Church of Christ.  Could he be a racist and have obtained that kind of status?  I don’t think so.  Then there those who called Wright anti-American.  Hogwash.  They forget that he has serviced his country with distinction.  Voluntarily serviced

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