Rep. Darrell Issa connects Tim Russert and drilling off-shore

One of the great things about You Tube is priceless moments on the floor of the House or Senate can be brought to our attention. C-Span records the proceedings but someone else edits those 3 and 4 hour marathons down to 2 minutes of pure stupidity. Representative Darell Issa serves up tonight’s course.


From TP:

ISSA: We are going to miss Tim Russert when it comes to the people on both sides of the issue of why we have $5 oil — $5 gasoline and $135 oil. I think Tim Russert would have been just the right guy to hold people accountable, who would talk about the 68 million acres that are, quote, inactive, while in fact 41 million are under current lease and use and are producing millions of barrels of oil and natural gas a day. […] (more…)