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Amtrak Problem

An Amtrak train derailed this week. There were 8 deaths and over 200 injuries. Information is still being obtained, but what we do know is that the train was going over 100 mph into a turn. Amtrak is more of a VW bus (from the ’70s) than a sleek BMW when it comes to hugging the turns. This is sad and TOTALLY preventable. We need to spend money on infrastructure, including Amtrak. From TP: At least seven people died and 200 were injured in Tuesday’s Amtrak train crash in Philadelphia — even though technology exists that could have prevented the tragedy.

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Republician Presidential Field

Finally, after months of non-candidates announcing that they were running for President, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is throwing his hat into the ring. Huckabee is different than many of the other candidates. I think that he really has a chance to tied up the religious conservatives. He could be a real problem for whoever becomes the front runner. Huckabee’s problem when he ran the last time was that he ran out of money and had a terrible organization. I suspect that he will correct the organization problem. It is really unclear if he can raise the funds necessary to compete.

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So was Chertoff to blame?

If you haven’t seen Spike Lee’s new documentary on New Orleans, you haven’t seen a Spike Lee documentary on New Orleans. Yes, I know that his first documentary was great, powerful, in-your-face, raw, truthful, emotional and more. This is all that and more. The HBO special, If God is willing and da creek don’t rise, is Lee’s latest look at New Orleans and the Gulf five years after Katrina. This is must-see TV. So, we placed the blame for the slow government response on Michael Brown, the hapless head of FEMA at the time. New documents appear to show that Michael

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