Beyond the Horse Race

The 2008 political campaign has been going on forever, yet it still has many months to go. Following the campaign can be a big waste of time. So-called “horse race” coverage is often stale within hours of dissemination. Can you imagine anything less relevant than an assessment from July 2004 about the John Kerry-George Bush race?

( Above is some real horse race coverage. The great Native Dancer on the cover of Time in 1954.)

I find that cable TV coverage is the biggest waste. It goes on and on. Yet rarely does it discuss anything other than the presidential race. The “analysts” say nothing that any regular follower of politics does not already grasp.

As for issues, 90 percent of the public knows full well how they will vote. And candidates gear positions to the political needs of the moment. I know a great deal of where they stand from simple party lines.

That said, I do keep up with events.

I get three newspapers each day at home. My local Houston Chronicle, The New York Times, and USA Today. (more…)