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Terrible rains in Louisiana

Wow, this is a little weird. I started my blog just after or during Katrina. Now, all these years later, Louisiana is in trouble again. From NOLA.com: With major flooding still under way and a renewed threat of severe thunderstorms over the Baton Rouge region and other locations generally west of Interstate 55 in south Louisiana and southwest Mississippi, the Slidell office of the National Weather Service has extended a flash flood watch and a flood warning for those areas until Sunday afternoon (Aug. 14). “Rain and a few thunderstorms will continue to affect the area today, particularly west of Interstate 55,” the weather service

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Oh, it is cold!!

Currently, it is 4 degrees. It really doesn’t matter if that is above or below zero to me. That’s just way too cold. EVERYONE, be safe. Be smart. From TWC: Winter Storm Leon will affect a long swath of the Deep South over the next couple of days – including places better known for their beaches, balmy breezes and hurricanes. This will include some of the areas affected by Winter Storm Kronos just last week – but it includes millions of people farther east as well. Some areas will see frozen precipitation break out as early as Monday night or early Tuesday

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More Violent Weather – Maybe Science Doesn’t Suck

‘Tis the season for ugly weather. From Weather Channel: 5 confirmed fatalities in Woodward, Oklahoma; 29 people were injured in the town and the tornado was rated a preliminary EF3 by the National Weather Service Thousands without power in Oklahoma and Kansas 75 percent of Thurman, Iowa destroyed; tornado that touched down was rated EF2 (wind speeds of up to 130 mph) with a path length of about 10 miles Tornado that hit Wichita, KS area rated a preliminary EF3, with some of the strongest damage observed at McConnell AFB Ottawa/Dickinson Counties: Preliminary EF1 tornado with winds of up to 100

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