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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

Before this game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers, there was lots of talk in the NFL about whether Jim Harbaugh really made the right decision by switching to Colin Kaepernick from Alex Smith. Alex Smith was playing good football. If I’m not mistaken, his quarterback rating was over 100. He was not turning the ball over. It was not exciting football, but he was winning. I think most, if not all, critics have now been silenced. Wow!

Colin Kaepernick completely and totally exposed the Green Bay Packers defense. He rushed for 181 yards on the ground and two touchdowns. He rushed… 181 yards. From a quarterback. This fact is, in and of itself, mind-boggling. Then, he threw the ball for another 263 yards.

The Green Bay Packers are going to have to go back to the drawing board on defense. On the third down, the money down, the Packers allowed the 49ers to convert 62% of their third downs. The Green Bay Packers gave up 579 yards of total offense. You simply can’t win in the playoffs when your defense is this porous.

The San Francisco 49ers have been one of the best teams in football all year. They were completely dominating and looked fantastic and suddenly, out of nowhere, they would lay an egg. For example, they absolutely clobbered the New England Patriots on national TV. It was a game when you expected Tom Brady, Wes Welker and the rest of the New England Patriots to make a national statement. It didn’t happen. It was another great game for Colin Kaepernick. Then, the following week, the San Francisco 49ers got absolutely manhandled by the Seattle Seahawks.

I do not know if the San Francisco 49ers will put together two more fabulous games and walk away with the Lombardi trophy. I do know that Colin Kaepernick is the real deal.

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NFL week 8: hits and misses

Cincinnati Bengals – Did you know that the Cincinnati Bengals are 5-2? Andy Dalton is playing just well enough with a quarterback rating of 82.7. It is their defense that’s keeping them on the field. Cincinnati is ranked fourth in overall defense. They are second in stopping the run.

Philadelphia Eagles – Every time I try to write off Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, they do something spectacular. Towards the end of last season and now for most of this season, we haven’t seen the pinpoint accuracy that Michael Vick showed in the middle of last season. Well, that pinpoint accuracy came back and dissected the Dallas Cowboys. Andy Reid had a genius game plan. He took advantage of a extremely aggressive DeMarcus Ware and pulled a tight end to block him out of the play as the Eagles successfully ran trap play after trap play.

Pittsburgh Steelers – After the Pittsburgh Steelers were destroyed on opening day by the Baltimore Ravens, everybody, including myself, wrote them off. Well, Mike Tomlin is proving to be a very resilient coach. He’s got the Pittsburgh Steelers playing at a high level. The Steelers play ball control offense and really controlled that game from the opening snap and kept the Patriots defense off-balance. Ben Roethlisberger played extremely well. This was probably his best game of the season.

Dallas Cowboys – It’s okay to get beaten on national TV. It’s not okay to get spanked by a division rival. The Dallas Cowboys were never in this game. Not for a minute. I watched this game a couple times. The Cowboys could not stop the run and they couldn’t stop the pass. On offense, they made several mistakes early, resulting in penalties and sacks. Once they punted the football to Philadelphia the first time and Philadelphia scored again, the game was over (14-0). Brad Sham and Babe Laufenberg, long-time Dallas Cowboys announcers, stated that the Cowboys needed to forget this game and move on. I don’t think so. I think the Cowboys need to study this game. I know the rest of the league is studying this game and trying to figure out how they can replicate some of the plays. If the Dallas Cowboys defense doesn’t get this fixed, it’s going to be a long season.

Washington Redskins – What happened? As bad as the Dallas Cowboys were beaten, you could probably argue that the Washington Redskins were beaten even worse. Their offense was inept. Their defense was ineffectual. Their defense, as with the Dallas Cowboys, was supposed to be the strength of the team. Fred Jackson, arguably one of the best running backs in the league, ran for 120 yards. It was an embarrassing performance by the Redskins. I’m still confused as to why Mike Shanahan thought that Rex Grossman was the answer. Maybe he looks really, really good in practice.

New Orleans Saints – Just as I’m ready to jump on the New Orleans Saints bandwagon and was beginning to believe that they’re playing good football, they lay an egg. What was that? They made the St. Louis Rams look like a playoff team. St. Louis was beating them on both sides of the football. It was ugly. Drew Breeze had absolutely no time to look over the field. He seemed to be sacked about 100 times (it was only six). The Saints have some issues. They’ve got to get them fixed if they’re going to make a run for the playoffs.

Honorable mentions – I’m still not believing in Tim Tebow. As a quarterback in this league, you have to be able throw the ball accurately… He can’t or hasn’t. BTW, this has nothing to do with believing in him. It has to do with the hard work that it takes to throw the ball accurately. Eli Manning played well but I’m not sure why the Giants had to struggle to get a win over the Miami Dolphins. I don’t know what to think about Joe Flacco. I know that he has to play well in order for the Ravens to win. When you’re looking at Andy Dalton, Tim Tebow and some of these other young quarterbacks, you should compare them to Cam Newton, who is playing some really fantastic football. I’m not sure that San Francisco is as good as some people say their are. Let’s wait a couple weeks before we crown them, but I do tip my hat to anyone who’s played as consistently well as they have. I’m not sure what to make out of the Kansas City Chiefs. I do know that the San Diego Chargers are not playing that well.

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NFL: Hits and Misses

I was 13 – 2 and 1 last week!! Give it up! (I called a toss-up on the Vikings – KC game.)


Calvin Johnson

Matt Hasselbeck: I don’t think that I’ve seen a quarterback, so late in his career, turn things around so much. The last several years Matt Hasselbeck has looked terrible in Seattle. I guess having a porous offensive line does that to many quarterbacks. Currently, Matt Hasselbeck has thrown for 1152 yards, eight touchdowns, three interceptions and has a quarterback rating 104.7. He is the fourth highest rated quarterback in the league. He is on fire.

Houston Texans: Last week, in my predictions, I said that Houston had to win this game. Although it wasn’t pretty, they came away with the win. It is time for us to begin to think of the Houston Texans as one of the best teams in the AFC. The Texans are playing pretty well on both sides of the football. Unfortunately, one of the best receivers in football, Andre Johnson, was injured. His status is uncertain. Arian Foster was outstanding in his debut. The Texans need a couple of their receivers to step up big time if they’re going to continue their winning ways.

Green Bay Packers/Aaron Rodgers: These guys didn’t even look like they were trying. Is hard for me to find another team that is playing in the same stratosphere as the Green Bay Packers. They’re playing both offense and defense extremely well. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the league right now. He has an outstanding receiver core. His offensive line is giving him enough time. The defense for the Packers is creating just enough turnovers and pressure on the quarterback to make it difficult or impossible to keep up with the high powered offense of the Packers. If they can stay injury free, these guys have an excellent opportunity to hoist the Lombardi trophy once again.

Baltimore Ravens: On national TV, the Baltimore Ravens took the proud New York Jets and gave them a spanking that we haven’t seen in several years. The Baltimore Ravens turned in one of the best defenses performances that we’ve seen all year. As a matter fact, it was one of the best performances I’ve seen in the past several years. Now the question is whether the Baltimore Ravens continue to play defense at this high a level. If they’re going to go deep in the playoffs, their defense must play exactly like this.

Matt Forte: Where has this guy been? I guess his performances have been overshadowed by both the good and the bad of Jay Cutler. On Sunday, he carried the Chicago Bears to victory. 25 carries for 205 yards! That’s an amazing performance.

Calvin Johnson: Eight touchdowns in four games. Calvin Johnson was one of the main reasons, see more of my rant below, that the Detroit Lions were able to humiliate the Dallas Cowboys at home. His first touchdown catch against triple coverage was truly a thing of beauty. This guy is one of the best receivers in the league. He reminds me of a young Randy Moss with his jumping ability and his ability to stretch the field.


Curtis Painter

Indianapolis Colts: Last night, on Monday Night Football, the Indianapolis Colts almost looked like an NFL team. Their quarterback, Curtis Painter, did not look completely inept. I’m still extremely disappointed in the Colts offensive line. They don’t seem to have the ability to move anybody off the ball. The Colts special teams are mediocre. I wish I could blame the Colts defense, but I can’t. The Colts defense was designed to stop an offense once or twice a game.

Philadelphia Eagles: I must start off by saying I’ve never liked the Philadelphia Eagles. I’ve had something against the Philadelphia Eagles since the early ’90s. I can, though, appreciate both good and bad football. Lately, the Philadelphia Eagles have been playing bad football. The formula for victory in the ’90s for the Eagles was a suffocating defense with an opportunistic offense. Since Andy Reid became head coach, the Eagles have had an explosive offense and a hard-hitting defense with some holes. With patience, you can beat the Philadelphia Eagles defense. Now, they are simply playing that well on either side of the ball. The offensive line for the Philadelphia Eagles is mediocre at best. Michael Vick, their multimillion-dollar quarterback, just doesn’t seem to be making the thoughtful pinpoint throws he was making last year. This may be due to his porous offensive line. There is no reason that a team with all of this talent should lose to the San Francisco 49ers. By the way, do the Eagles have any cornerbacks who actually like to tackle?

Dallas Cowboys: Oh my goodness. Some things have to be seen to be believed. How can you possibly lead 27-3 in the third quarter and lose the game? I wish I could blame Tony Romo for the Cowboys’ collapse, but I simply can’t. When you look at the game in total, you begin to see the Cowboys not being able to put this game away very early. The first hint came when the Cowboys had three chances inside the 10-yard line to score in the first quarter and decide to go for it on fourth down. (Now, remember the Dallas Cowboys let Marion Barber go. He was a beast on the goal line. The Cowboys have no back, that I’m aware of, who is able to hit a linebacker in the hole and run over him.) The dive play up the middle into the strength of the Detroit Lions defense was curious at best and stupid at worst. The Cowboys come away with no points. I don’t understand how you don’t get the ball to your best goal line player, Jason Witten. Week after week, the Dallas Cowboys secondary gets torched. Last year, the Dallas Cowboys secondary got torched. In the off-season, the Dallas Cowboys did nothing to shore up their secondary. So, it should be no surprise that our secondary is completely inept. The Cowboys need to call up Darren Sharper. We need a safety you can cover and hit people. We probably need another cornerback also, since Michael Jenkins has forgotten how to play that position. Finally, I need to say something about throwing three interceptions in the second half. It is simply mind-boggling. Tony Romo was nearly brilliant in the first half. What was he seeing? He throws in the triple coverage once. He throws the ball outside when it needed to be inside on his third interception. And on his second interception he throws the ball inside when the Detroit cornerback had an inside position in order to take away the slant with which the Cowboys had killed the Detroit Lions on the whole first half. Simply mind-boggling. No team needs a week off more than the Dallas Cowboys.

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