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News Roundup – Leaks, Edward Snowden, Jobs (Update – Chad goes to jail)

Leaks and who gets to leak – Snowden and many others have now said that these leaks are important and justified because the public needs to decide whether this is being done in their name. Basically I disagree with that (the justification for the leak). But it does raise a basic point that it is inherently difficult for the public to make fully informed decisions about intelligence work done in its name. Yet, who gets to do this? Snowden says it’s up to the public. But it’s really more like Snowden and Greenwald have made that decision on the public’s behalf. Edward

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More on NSA spying

Thanks to Stu for the heads up. RS has several stories on the NSA. First – On Wednesday night, when former NSA analyst Russell Tice told MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann that the Bush administration’s National Security Agency spied on everyone in the United States, specifically targeting journalists, the Countdown host was so flabbergasted that Tice was invited back for a second interview. On Thursday, he returned to the airwaves with expanded allegations against the NSA, claiming the agency collected Americans’ credit card records, and adding that he believes the massive, warrantless data vacuum to be the remnants of the Total Information Awareness

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NSA spying on reporters? (update)

Countdown with Keith Olbermann reveals what liberals have suspected for over 3 years. The Bush administration have been listening in on more than just overseas calls to terrorists. Russell Tice, former NSA employee, reveals that the NSA has collected data on reporters working for all of the major news organizations. This is Enemy of the State stuff. Watch the video (update below the video): Update from TP (I would like to thank TP for posting something that was more complete than what I posted): Last night on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” former analyst for the National Security Agency Russell Tice

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