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What's going on – Friday Evening News Roundup

Friday Evening News Roundup Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed during a speech last night. The exact etiology of his collapse has not been revealed. He was admitted to a hospital overnight and released today, so one would assume that the requisite tests were performed and they were all negative. Of course I wish him well. I find all the leaks around Barack Obama’s Cabinet choices very compelling. There has been no official confirmation of any Cabinet post of which I am aware. The speculation on whether Senator Hillary Clinton will take the job of Secretary of State continues to fill the airwaves. Speculation has also turned to Governor

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Remembering General Odom

I didn’t know Lt. General William Odom. All that I know is that he was a warrior who fought against this war in Iraq. I have 3 references to him on my blog (here, here and here). The last reference was his testimony in front of the Senate a couple of months ago. I admire anyone who will stand up to this administration. ———- From the Center for American Progress: Lt. Gen. William Odom, former head of the National Security Agency under President Reagan, passed away on Friday in Lincoln, Vermont. A West Point graduate, Gen. Odom served for 34 years

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