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Sunday News Roundup (Update)

President Barack Obama has made some thoughtful comments on Hurricane Irene.

Damage from Irene has been massive. Tons of places are flooded. CT is now getting pounded. I know that some people may believe that New York overreacted by shutting down the transportation system. I think that they made the right call, without a doubt.

Local mother is charged with stabbing her daughters to death. Very sad.

Great article on how to fix the terrible political conditions in Afghanistan as we withdraw our troops.

Update: Herman Cain wins a Georgia Straw Poll. Of course, Ga is his home state. In a recent national poll, Cain has only 4% support. I’m not sure if he is done but he is going to have to make a significant move in order to stand out from the crowd. Of course, with Rick Perry entering the race, Herman Cain is going have to think long and hard about something outrageous to say because the Texas governor has said just about everything already.

Medicaid is looked at by insurers as a bonanza. This is the healthcare reform problem in a nutshell.

Investigation into the Wisconsin Supreme Court reveals what we already know, that it is really dysfunctional. It really doesn’t matter who is at fault. The court is not servicing the people of Wisconsin all that well if you have Justices calling each other bitches and choking one another. It is simply wrong. I think Wisconsin needs to throw every one of them out and vote in another group that will work for Wisconsin.

A Dallas constable is told by an emotional, bleeding mother that her boyfriend has kidnapped her two young boys. The constable does nothing. The boys are later killed by the boyfriend. There are lots of things that I don’t understand in this world. I don’t understand how a mother stabs her children (see the story above). I don’t understand how a Constable does nothing. I don’t understand how you don’t pick up the phone and call the police, at the very least. I don’t understand how as a human being, you do nothing.

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What's Going On: Evening News Round-up

  • Robert Novak, the Chicago Sun-Times columnist who published Valarie Plame’s name, is retiring suddenly. It appears that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. I although I disagree with Novak’s politics, no one deserves a brain tumor. I hope that he is able to get well soon.
  • The House Republicans were trying to make a big deal of the House adjourning without passing some energy legislation. They were hoping that the White House would go along with their game. The White House balked.
  • A new national poll shows that low-wage workers support Senator Barack Obama two to one over Senator John McCain. Now, all Obama has to do is get these folks out to the polls.
  • A grenade killed 16 policemen in China. This raises doubts on how well China can protect the Olympic athletes.
  • Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Dashcle, whose office received one of the anthrax letters says that the death of a primary suspect does not mean that the investigation is over. There are plenty of unanswered questions. Senator Dashcle was interviewed for NPR.
  • The great reporter Helen Thomas turned 88 today!!! Congratulations Ms. Thomas. Please keep asking those questions, I, for one, appreciate it.
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