What's Going On – Election Eve

Monday Evening News Round-up


  • I am not clairvoyant, nor can I see into the future. All I can tell you is that Barack Obama has run a phenomenal campaign. It is my opinion that history will show that he is by far the best person for this job at this point in time.
  • As I mentioned earlier, Barack Obama’s grandmother has died. My condolences to him and to his family.
  • I believe that voting is extremely important in this election cycle. For those of you in states that don’t have early voting and the rest of you who decided to wait until voting day — please be patient. The lines will be long. Take a book. Bring a lawn chair. Bring your iPod. Do whatever is necessary to make sure that you are able to cast your ballot. (I voted last week.)
  • Almost every poll shows Barack Obama with a significant lead. He is ahead in the popular vote, which (if you’ll remember) doesn’t count. He is ahead in almost every battleground state. Nate has a good summary.
  • I have always questioned why William Kristol, archconservative, was given the opportunity to write a column in the New York Times. I have yet to get a satisfactory answer. This morning, Mr. Kristol served up a large dish of complete nonsense. He goes on and on about why liberals can be happy if somehow John McCain pulls out a victory in tomorrow’s election. It may be the stupidest column I’ve ever read. Can someone throw him back on a paper that is more suitable to his mental capacity…maybe something published by junior high schoolers and stapled together?
  • John McCain was in the conservative stronghold of Tampa, Florida this morning, expecting a huge crowd. Only about a thousand people showed up. Oops. Maybe folks didn’t get the invitations? Wasn’t it John McCain who had to bus in 4000 students last week?
  • The right is already warming up their excuses. When Barack Obama wins, they will begin to roll out the reasons why his presidency is not legitimate. They did the same thing to Bill Clinton.
  • The electronics store Circuit City announced it will close 155 stores nationwide. Most of the closings will be in California, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona and Ohio. They will cut their workforce by over 17%. I just hope someone is cutting the CEO’s salary by over 17%. Remember that Circuit City was the company that fired some 3,000 employees because they were deemed “overpaid.” Those same employees were free to re-apply for their jobs at a reduced wage.  I really can’t comment honestly on this type of behavior since this is a family-friendly blog!
  • The DailyKos is ready for tomorrow’s election. Those guys have come a long way. They’re expecting a surge of traffic and have installed new servers…at least I hope they have. They have a new election scoreboard which will be interactive. You can get more information — here.