We can hail China as the world’s superpower or we can kick butt

If  we want to win the future, if we want to have the best technology and we want that to be developed right here, we have to get on the stick.  How does that happen? Well, we need to invest in education and invest in small ideas today so that they can become big ideas tomorrow.

Now, let’s look at how we have spent the last two years. We argued over a lukewarm healthcare plan for more than 12 months. 12 months and we have very little to show for it. Can the government pay for our healthcare or should we pay private insurance to pay for our healthcare? That’s what we argued about. Other developed countries aren’t wasting their time on this nonsense. They have moved on. We are still debating a woman’s right to decide for herself. Europe and other countries have moved on. We are currently in the middle of the dumbest argument in over 100 years. We are arguing on whether or not it is okay to default on our debts. What? The rest of the world is laughing while we are screwing around with this. They are innovating. They are investing.

The biggest innovation in the last 25 years has to be the internet. The Government funded a university project. The government, our government, invested our money into what is one of the greatest inventions of my lifetime. Back then it was just a university nerd project. No one knew what it was going to become. Yet, if today’s Republicans were in charge, there would be no government investment in projects like this. Hell, the computer that I’m typing on came out the NASA program. Sure, private business played a huge part, but so did NASA. Some of the first integrated circuits were developed for the Apollo and Minuteman projects. It was our money that got these early circuits off the drawing board and into production.

It is time for our government to start investing in university projects and education again. All these budget cuts are doing is killing our future. We are killing the next internet. It is out there. Someone has a weird drawing in his dorm room and is telling his/her friends. This could work. All we need is money and time. As a nation, either we invest in the future or we are going to be the side kick, the second banana to China or Japan or someone else. So we can kick butt or get our butt kicked.