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Nancy Reagan dead at age 94

Nancy Reagan has died at the age of 94. Is this the end of an era? I’m not so sure. Nancy and Ronald Reagan were a team. They seemed to play off each other. For years, Ronald Reagan worked on this image and worked on his platform. From the late ’50s Ronald Reagan was always trying to get the right message out there. I think that Nancy was his sounding board. She was the one whom he bounced ideas off of. At least this what I have read. The image of Nancy and Ronald has been so highly polished over the

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Podcast – Gun Control, we are all Newtown residents with Greg Dworkin (Update)

Greg Dworkin is one of the front page bloggers at the Daily Kos. He is also a physician and a friend of mine. He is also a Newtown, Ct resident. We discuss the need for gun control in this country. Yes, we need to talk about other factors, including metal health issues, but Newtown clearly revealed the need for gun control. Remember that the first victim of the Newtown shooting was a gun owner. She was shot with her own gun while she was sleeping. Having more guns isn’t the solution. If having more guns were the solution, then Nancy Lanza

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I’ve been reading The View From The Center Of The Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams. One things this book discusses is the composition of the universe. Only a fraction of existence is solid and visible. The chart above offers some detail. The dark matter and dark energy that comprises most of existence does not react with light and is impossible to see. Yet these dark materials alter the shape and the size of the universe. These facts were not fully understood as recently as 15 years ago. They are understood better today, though still imperfectly. Here is a

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