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Nancy Reagan dead at age 94

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Nancy Reagan has died at the age of 94. Is this the end of an era? I’m not so sure. Nancy and Ronald Reagan were a team. They seemed to play off each other. For years, Ronald Reagan worked on this image and worked on his platform. From the late ’50s Ronald Reagan was always trying to get the right message out there. I think that Nancy was his sounding board. She was the one whom he bounced ideas off of. At least this what I have read. The image of Nancy and Ronald has been so highly polished over the years that it is hard to know what is fact and what is fiction.

I would argue that without Reagan or a Reagan-like figure you couldn’t have a Donald Trump. Ronald would frequently say X, but mean Y. At least his aids would spend a great deal of time explaining what he really meant. It got so bad that America would ignore what Reagan said and go directly to the aides to figure out what new policy was being proposed.

Reagan (Ronald and Nancy) were really about image. They both looked presidential long before he was elected. He had the great looks and the easy-going manner. He had the ranch and that beautiful horse. If he wasn’t president …. this was what a president should look like. This was how a president should act.

Trump has taken this a step further. He isn’t about policies and white papers. He is about crafting the image of a winner. He is the winner even when he hasn’t won anything. He is crafting the image of the successful businessman in spite of the fact that he has had plenty of failures. Without Nancy and Ronald, there would be no Donald running for president.

Nancy Reagan has died. My heart and prayers go out to her family. May she rest in peace.

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What's going on – Evening News Roundup

Friday Evening News Roundup

  • I’m very happy to announce that tomorrow on the Errington Thompson show, I will have as my special guest Markos Moulitsas, founder of the Daily Kos and author of Taking on the System-Rules for Radical Change in a Digital Era.  I’ll also be giving away tickets to Oliver Stone’s new movie W!! Tune in tomorrow at 9 am (Eastern standard Time). (streaming here)
  • Good news! Nancy Reagan has been released from the hospital. Nancy Reagan is currently 87 years old. She fell sometime last week but did not seek medical attention until this week. She has a pelvic fracture.  As a trauma surgeon, I’ll just say that falls among the elderly are a leading cause of death. I wish the former first lady well.
  • There seems to be an accounting stumbling block in the treasury’s “rescue plan”. Current accounting rules prevent banks from counting the infusion of cash from the treasury as part of their core capital. If banks are unable to do this, they will continue to appear shaky. It seems as if they should probably have had this worked out before they announced it as the cornerstone of their plan.
  • The Supreme Court overturned an Ohio circuit court’s ruling today. As you recall, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals had directed Ohio’s Secretary of State to verify hundreds of thousands of voter registrations. This will not be the last major play in Ohio with a regards to registering voters. I promise.
  • The Obama campaign has asked US Attorney General Michael Mukasey to expand the powers of the current special prosecutor looking into the US Attorney scandal. The Obama campaign wants to look for illegal links among the White House, the RNC and the Justice Department with regard to trying to “rig” the election toward Republicans.
  • Yesterday Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska took the stand in his own defense. Senator Stevens is accused of accepting more than $250,000 worth of renovations and gifts from convicted millionaire Bill Allen on his retreat. Today in his cross-examination Senator Stevens got testy. If I were looking at certain jail time, I guess I would get testy also.
  • Christopher Buckley, son of conservative guru William F. Buckley, Jr., has just endorsed Barack Obama and resigned from the conservative journal that his father started, The National Review.
  • Radio talk show host Ed Schultz was on “Fox and Friends” early this morning. He was asked a ridiculously stupid question about Joe the Plumber which he tried to answer, but he kept getting interrupted. After the third or fourth interruption, he simply got up and walked off. Good for him!
  • So the Boston Red Sox were down to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 7-0 midway through the seventh inning. They lead the best-of-seven series three games to one. The series was basically over. All the Devil Rays had to do was not give up eight runs in two and a half innings. They couldn’t do it! The Boston Red Sox scored four runs in the seventh inning, three in the eighth and one run in the bottom of the ninth to win the game 8-7. An absolutely an amazing comeback.
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