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News Roundup – Turkey, Syria, Paula Deen and more

For weeks, there have been huge demonstrations in Turkey. I really have no idea what they’re about. I have no idea what they’re trying to accomplish. Maybe I need to read some more about these demonstrations.

I know that the neocons are upset that Obama has not bombed or invaded Syria yet but they’re still hopeful. As I see it, with young Arab men who seem to be desperate to shoot at or fight somebody pouring into Syria, it seems like a really good idea for us to stay out of there. Plus, it seems that weapons from Libya are finding their way into Syria.

Netroots Nation – This started a couple of days ago. This is the biggest progressive powwow, think tank, party in the nation. I went a couple years ago when it was in Austin. It was a rejuvenating experience.

Terrible flooding in Canada. Remember, there is no global warming. (more…)

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Grab Bag Wednesday (Updated)

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  • The Daily Show continues to be funny and thoughtful.
  • Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is single-handedly trying to rewrite the 14th amendment. No equal protection for women, according to him.
  • If you have a little bit of money on the side and are a special client of Goldman Sachs you might have a small window of opportunity to invest in Facebook. By the way, how does Facebook make money? It’s only a $2 million buy-in. Let’s sign up. Oh, and where’s MySpace?
  • The gap between rich and poor only grew during our Great Recession.
  • I don’t understand publishing a sanitized version of Huckleberry Finn. I don’t understand. No “n” word. No “injun” Joe. The society that we live in now did not suddenly appear 20 years ago. Instead, the multicultural society that we live in now grew out of a very segregated society. Mass immigration in the late 1800s was not met with open arms. There was a lot of tension and a lot of conflict. There was hatred and love, fellowship and intense misunderstanding. That tension, that conflict and that compassion is evident in Huckleberry Finn. Every school-age kid should have the opportunity to read Huckleberry Finn in its original form. Every seventh-grade classroom should talk about this book in detail. Update: From WaPo: It would be like renaming 1984 2084, “because the current title does not reflect how pleasant life was under the Reagan administration.” This is like changing War and Peace to Peace, because war is unpleasant to remember, or removing World War I from All Quiet on the Western Front. If we keep updating things to reflect our current sensitivities, where do we stop?
  • Glenn Beck has lost a major radio station in New York.
  • On a less serious note, a con man claims that he slept with over 2500 women and stole more than $3 million.
  • Baker Street was one of those tunes that just seem to transcend rock, pop or R&B. Gerry Rafferty is dead at the age of 63. I don’t have any of his albums. All I know is I really enjoyed his music. Here is Baker Street and another song that he wrote. I hope you enjoy them both.

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What passes for debate in this country

Really? Or has he infiltrated the clubhouses so much that he is everywhere? I know several conservatives that “never listen,” but they all know the things that he has said.

I have been blogging for over five years. I have thousands of posts. I would be surprised if you could find more than 10 posts on Rush. Maybe I have another 10 on Beck. For awhile I would listen to O’Reilly’s talking points memo and comment on a weekly basis, but it got boring.

In order to get attention you need to act a fool in today’s world. So Beck will say that Obama doesn’t like White society, Dr. Laura will use the N-word over and over again and Rush will refer to Obama as a half-frican. Their ratings will spike as liberals go crazy that anyone would say anything so crazy. Then the cycle will repeat over and over again.

Liberals have shied away from this type of ratings grabber which is why Air America went down in flames – several times. It was boring. Olbermann uses his Worst Person in the World segment as a substitute for what the right does. It has worked pretty well. None of the other shows have anything that is close to Olbermann’s ability to grab attention.

We have lost the ability to debate in this country. Half of us have our minds made up before the debate starts. At first there is some data presented on both sides. There may even be a third or fourth side of the debate at the beginning. Then the name calling starts as it becomes clear that neither side will give an inch. The third or fourth sides of the debate are now dropped. Finally, there have to be a couple of references to our forefathers, the Constitution and patriotism. There is no resolution to the issue and we move on to the next topic.

This is the sad state of political debate in our country.

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