Cowboys in a must win game

I know that this is only week 9 and the Dallas Cowboys are 6 -1.  But here’s the deal, if the Cowboys are going to go into the playoffs with anything (last year they limbed into the playoffs and looked terrible in a defeat against the Seahawks) they need to win now.  We have 3 division games in the next 3 weeks.  The worst that we can do and still hold our head up is 2 -1.  We must beat the Eagles who have owned Dallas for the last 3 – 4 years.  Donovan McNabb has single handedly spanked the Cowboys year after year.  It is time to send a message.

Offense – The Cowboys have to open the game with a statement.  The statement must read, your defense can’t hang with us.  Patrick Crayton who ran his mouth after the Patriots loss needs to step up.  The running backs need to make a huge contribution by picking up the blitz and catching the ball out of the back field.  A couple of first downs from the backs will keep the linebackers from dropping deep and helping on the outside receivers.   This should open the crossing patterns that Terrell Owens runs so well.  Jason Whitten will be double covered especially on 3rd and long.  Romo must be careful with the ball.  Again it is important for the Cowboys not to turnover the ball and to limit penalties.

Defense – McNabb and Westbrook are the keys.  Brian Westbrook is an amazing football player.  He is fast, he is powerful and has good hands.  If we can control Westbrook and put pressure on McNabb we have a excellent chance to win this game.  Look for the Eagles to try to go deep early and often.  Last year in Philly McNabb seemed to have 30 plays of over 30 yards or more.  Cowboys have to stop the big play.  McNabb got killed during the Giant game.  Tons of sacks and hits on the McNabb.  We have to be able to do the same thing.  We get Tank Johnson and Anthony Henry back in the line up.  This is Tank’s first appearance as a Cowboy.  Henry was playing great before he got hurt against the Vikings.  This will be the first game all year that we will have our full starting secondary.  If Tank is able to get the push up the middle that we are hoping for, it will be a long night for the Philly offense.  Finally, Kevin Curtis can not get lose has he did a few weeks back.  Look for him to draw some couple coverage.

The Cowboys win by forcing Eagle turnovers and Romo getting the ball out of his hands quickly.