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Homegrown terrorism

When you think about the job that intelligence officials have to do in order to keep us safe, it is somewhat mind-boggling. You need to find people who are plotting to attack America, either here at home or abroad, and then you need to intervene in that attack. Hopefully, you’re able to intervene early enough to prevent any loss of life. You can’t intervene too early or you would be arresting people for thinking. Yesterday, Jose Pimentel was arrested and charged with plotting to detonate bombs in New York City. This alleged terrorist supposedly sympathized with Anwar al-Awlaki, a Muslim militant killed in a predator strike several months ago.

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A misunderstanding or the face of hate?

Marine reservist Jasen Bruce was getting clothes out of his trunk when a bearded man in a robe approached him. (complete story) The man was asking for directions in broken English. Reservist Bruce attacked the man with a tire iron. The man ran. Bruce chased the man and called 911 on a cell phone. He told a 911 operator that he was chasing a terrorist. Unfortunately for all of us, reservist Bruce was not chasing a terrorist. He was chasing a man named Father Alexios Marakis. The priest was studying in our great country, working on his master’s thesis.

So my question is could this tragedy have been prevented? If the Marine reservist was better educated, would he have noticed that the robes were not those of Muslims? Would he have noticed any of a dozen things that would separate a Greek Orthodox priest from that of a Middle East Muslim?

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Worst Persons

  • Stephen Spruiell of the National Review wrote a whole column of made up stuff. Cool. I wonder if I could get a job at the National Review. I can make up stuff too, and I bet that I can be more interesting.
  • Jerome Corsi stated that Presidential Candidate Barack Obama hasn’t proved that anything in his slanderous book was wrong. Interestingly, his second edition will include corrections produced by the Obama campaign.
  • Sean Hannity had the nerve to utter that Fox News never suggested that Obama was Muslim. Some lies are so good, you just need to stand up and clap. Hannity’s lie belongs in a category all of its own. Hannity is today’s Worst Person In the World!!

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