The Errington Thompson Show 3/24/07

Somehow, I skipped posting my March 24th show. I’m not sure what happened. Anyway, this is a great show if I do say so myse’f. Valerie Plame testifies in front of Congress. It was great to see her. She addressed several issues that the right were still playing with. She clearly stated that she was still covert at the time of her outing. Because so many on the Right have been trying to play this card, I go thru the exact definition of covert. Bill Scher and I discuss the US Attorney scandal. We also discuss that Murray Waas article in the National Journal about Alberto Gonzales. Seems that a Justice Department probe looking into the domestic spying was pointing to Alberto himself. He may have been the reason that the Justice Department officials couldn’t get security clearance to investigate the case. These topics and more.

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