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Tuesday News Round up

Well, it is nice to see the big man under the microscope. Murdoch gave the time-honored excuse that he knows nothing. The excuse sounded much better coming from Schultz. A lot of conservatives would like us to believe that Ronald Reagan did nothing besides cut taxes. This is not true. This is not even close to being true. Reagan raised taxes just after his big tax cut. It was the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982. WE really don’t pay that much in taxes. That’s the problem. Yes, there are some individuals that are overtaxed. I think that small

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McCain's Rebuttal OpEd

Now, it order to be fair, I’m posting Senator John McCain’s article. This article is less of a thoughtful discussion and more of a “He’s wrong and I’m right” position paper. The New York Post published this article. I find this interesting. The crown jewel of the Murdoch empire would be the Wall Street Journal, but McCain’s article isn’t published there. Instead, it is published in the tabloid daily of the New York Post. The New York Times has their response to NOT publishing McCain’s rant. (Emphasis added is mine.) GETTING IRAQ RIGHT HOW TO KEEP PROGRESS GOING By JOHN McCAIN

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Today's Worst Persons

Today’s Worst Persons in the World Gretchen Carlson of Fox”News” for threatening Scott McClellan Mike Gallagher for just being extremely clueless. Murdoch for his boldfaced lie.

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