Thursday Morning News Roundup

I’m growing a little tired of the “controversy” over Bain Capital. Is Bain Capital off limits or is it not? Mitt Romney has been running for president for at least the last six to eight years. He continually comes back to his main qualification. He would be better at running the economy because of his time at Bain Capital. He has repeatedly stated that he knows how to create jobs because of his time at Bain Capital. A private equity firm, Bain Capital is designed to make its shareholders money, not to create jobs. Mitt Romney has failed to show the American people how he would create jobs. Sure, he probably knows how to create a couple hundred and maybe even a couple of thousand jobs, but we need millions. How’s he going to do that?

Mitt Romney sat down with Time magazine’s Mark Halperin in order to clear the air about Bain Capital. You decide. Did he clear the air or simply muddy the waters?

If you thought Microsoft’s Kinect was cool, you have to see The Leap (see video below). It is extremely affordable at only $70. It seems to be much more accurate at detecting your movements, even fine movements of the fingers.