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Surge working – not so much

As days have gone by without any atrocities in Iraq, the right wing pundits believe that liberals are now in trouble. They see, just as Hazel and Gretel saw the Gingerbread house about 30 minutes after they were into the mushrooms (very old George Carlin joke), the country swinging back to the Republicans. Well, they can see what they want.

I have stated for some time that American troops are the best in the world. We can control any space if given the resources. The purpose of the Surge was to suppress the violence and allow the government to solve some of the deep political problems that they have. Well, we have held up our end of the bargain, the Iraq politicians have not.

Congressman Jack Murtha who just returned from Iraq seems to agree with my thoughts. Here’s his released statement.

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They get paid how much?

What would you have to do for $600 million/yr? In my opinion, there is nothing that a single person can do to earn that kind of moolah. Now, if you own a company and things go well then Bingo! You have hit the jackpot. That’s great and congratulations. On the other hand, I’m sorry Hedge-fund managers DO NOT deserve $657 million per year. No one does. If you can sweat gold or make diamonds come out of an orifice then maybe otherwise you are a CROOK!


From USA Today:

To say the pay gap between Wall Street’s top titans and average Americans is widening would be an understatement.

One statistic sums up why: Last year, the top 20 hedge-fund and private-equity-fund managers earned more in 10 minutes than U.S. workers made the entire year, according to a report released Wednesday by two research groups.

Those top fund managers pocketed an average $657.5 million in 2006, or 22,255 times the $29,544 average annual pay of U.S. workers, said the study issued by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and United for a Fair Economy. That dwarfs the discrepancy between CEOs and workers: Corporate chieftains, on average, earn about 365 times the pay of U.S. workers. (more…)

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Dave Matthews – So Much to Say

Maybe I’m in some type of mood but Dave Matthews is a band that is very hard to pigeon hole.  Maybe the best thing to say is Dave’s music always sounds fresh to me.  Some of it is loud.  Some of it is very rhythmic.  Some are almost funky.

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