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News Round up – Bloom County, Theater Shooting, Guns

Berkeley Breathed and Bloom County have returned!!! Woohoo!!! ¬†Bloom County is only available thru his facebook site but …woohoo!!! Another movie theater shooting. Damn. Do we need metal detectors in movie theaters now? This is crazy. Do we all need to walk around with bullet proof vests? Kurt Eichenwald has written a thoughtful piece on guns and gun control. He starts with the premise that no right guaranteed by the constitution is absolute. Once we can agree that no one has the right to have any gun at any time then we can begin to discuss what is reasonable. I would

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A Few Odds and Ends

Greg Mitchell from Editor and Publisher has a column out today praising the media’s coverage of Corsi’s new book. He does reflect on how timid the media was four years ago in condemning Corsi’s famously wrong “Swift Boat” book. Senator John McCain, who denounced the swift boating of John Kerry, is silent about this new book “Obama Nation.” I wonder why? Again, isn’t this a character issue? If you, as a man of honor (which McCain says he is) know a book has published a pack of lies against your opponent are you not duty-bound to declare it unacceptable? Juan Cole,

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